Should you get a Sonos Play:5?

The Play:5 is Sonos' flagship speaker. It is the largest out of all of the speakers — home theater not included — and has the larger, deeper, more eoom-filling sound. Of course, it also the most expensive player, too. So do you need one in your setup?

What's special about the Play:5?

All Sonos players give you top quality sound, but if you're after the best audio experience, you'll want to go for the Play:5. Let's examine why that's the case.

The Play:5 delivers the most power


The Play:5's immense power comes from its incredible six amplifiers, three tweeters, and three mid-range woofers. Digitally calibrated to produce the best high-fidelity sound, the Play:5 can easily fill a large room with crisp and clear high trills and floor-shaking bass rumbles.

All-in-one stereo sound, humidity resistance, and multiple orientations

The Play:5 combines the all-in-one stereo and orientation-changing capabilities of the Play:3 with the humidity resistance of the Play:1 to bring you a player that can produce stereo sound in the bathroom, and that you can place in any direction you like without changing the audio quality.

Line-in jack

The Play:5 is the only Sonos player that offers a separate 3.5mm audio line-in connection. The line-in jack lets you connect any device with audio capability directly to your Play:5 and play audio from that device. That's not all. You can also stream audio from that device to any other Sonos players you have in your home, even those to which the device is not connected!

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Is the Play:5 right for me?

The Play:5 offers humidity resistance all-in-one stereo sound, and enough power to make it an excellent choice for discriminating audiophiles and regular music lovers alike. Is that you?

  • If you want to start slowly — or less expensively — you should check out a Play:1 or Play:3.
  • If you love sound and want the top-of-the-line, you want the Play:5.
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