Should you get a Sonos Sub?

Sonos Sub
Sonos Sub (Image credit: Sonos)

Humans are evolutionarily advantaged to appreciate rhythm when it comes from low-frequency sounds as opposed to high frequency sounds. It turns out that people pick up the beat more quickly when it comes from low-frequency sources. This is why music all over the world conveys rhythm in the lower range of the sound frequency spectrum. And that's why Sonos made a Sub.

What is the Sonos Sub?


The Sub is subwoofer that enhances the low-frequency output of any Sonos system. Inside every Sub are two amplifiers and two force-canceling speaker drivers. The speaker drivers are positioned face to face to reduce cabinet noise.

It plays frequencies down to 25 Hz, which is almost down to the lowest frequency audible by humans. Furthermore, it automatically equalizes with the rest of your equipment, so you don't have to mess with it. Of course, it has bass and treble controls right on the box, so that you can adjust things if you want to. It can be placed anywhere, even underneath furniture.

How can the Sonos Sub enhance my audio?

The Sub adds depth to audio playback by creating lower frequency sounds than the system is otherwise capable of. For instance, if you're watching a movie and on the screen you see a truck driving down the highway. With a Sub, you would not only hear the deeper tones of the truck's engine, you would feel the rumble it makes as it accelerates forward.

For music, having a Sub means the drum beats and the bass instruments will sound deeper, warmer, and clearer. In other words, you'll get a better and more distinct musical range with a Sub than without.

Should you get the Sub?

Whether or not you get the Sonos Sub depends on your budget and your desire for base.

  • If you're strapped or cash or don't really care about bigger, more booming sound, then wait until one (or more) of those things change.
  • If you can afford the Sub, and you really want to fill your home theater with deeper, more floor-shaking sonics, then go for it.

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