Should you get two Ultimate Ears Wonderboom speakers?

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Should you get two Ultimate Ears Wonderboom speakers?

Best answer: Buying two Ultimate Ears Wonderbooms and pairing them together will allow you to increase the volume and fill a space with more sound than just one.Double-up for more sound: Ultimate Ears Wonderboom ($60 at Amazon)

Two Wonderbooms can work together

The Wonderboom has a "double up" feature that allows you to pair two Wonderbooms together so they play the same audio at the same time. This means by purchasing two Wonderbooms you can increase the overall volume of your music, podcasts, and other audio or even make sure you have the same music going to two different rooms if they are close enough together.

It's important to note that pairing the Wonderbooms together doesn't create a stereo pair, meaning you will hear the same sound out of both speakers; they aren't separated by a left channel and a right channel.

More boom but more money

Not only will two Wonderbooms increase the volume, but it also can make sense when you crunch the numbers.

A single Ultimate Ears Wonderboom costs $60 meaning two would cost you $120. If you're looking at the bigger and louder Boom 3, that costs about $150, you'll realize you're actually saving money for more volume.

Two speakers give you more options

If the price difference doesn't seem too big for you, remember that two Bluetooth speakers give you a little more flexibility.

If you have two Ultimate Ears Wonderbooms, you can also choose to use them separately, meaning you and your spouse can be in different rooms listening to different music or you can even take both Wonderbooms with you camping and that way you have 20 hours of battery life between the two!

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