This shows how far ahead the iPhone XS video camera really is

The amount of work, and the results achieved, by Apple's camera team when it comes to video — including up to 30fps enhanced dynamic range, and stereo audio recording — are beyond impressive. Witness the latest Shot on iPhone video:

American Samoa - 'Football Island' - produces athletes that are 56 times more likely to play in the NFL than Americans from anywhere else. Photographer and Director Steven Counts presents a portrait of Eddie Siaumau, a 17 - year old athlete who has just accepted a full ride scholarship to a D1 university.

  • Director: Steven Counts
  • Director of Photography: Eric Kuzma
  • Executive Producer: Heather Zara
  • Assistant: Harrison Smith

Shot on iPhone XS, with the aid of: DJI Osmo Mobile 2 (opens in new tab), FiLMiC Pro (opens in new tab), Joby GripTight PRO Video GP Stand (opens in new tab), NiSi Smartphones Filter Kit

The talent of the production team is obviously paramount but the tools, in this case the iPhone camera and the accessories and apps used to get the most out of it, are force multipliers.

You often hear debate about which phone has the best camera. It almost never includes mention of video. It absolutely should.

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Rene Ritchie

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  • Yup, shot on iPhone - with what, million dollar budget? Probably more? Video quality great - but because of post production. Director, producers Editors, color correction, sound studio etc… iPhone wasn't pulled out of pocket and they made a video
  • Which they fully acknowledge—so what’s your point (other than trolling)?!
  • It’s akin to saying that your car will lap the Nurburgring in record time, (but only with Michael Schumacher at the wheel and shod with track tyres and special fuel).
  • Why not buy yourself Final Cut Pro, and look up some tutorials? Then you can achieve something similar to what's in this video, and learn something new in the process.
  • That's really good advice. Getting back to the production results though, couldn't any other flagship phone render as nicely?
  • Yes, Jeff, Any flagship phone will create similar, if not better results. However, the apple fan base love to jump on bang wagons like this one. I am an iPhone user, I always will use iPhone. Because they work the best for MY situation. My camera is NOT the best, nor is it FAR AHEAD of other devices. ****, my nokia 1020 kills my iPhone in pure image quality.
  • Agreed, most flagship phones can create fantastic results, "Shot on iPhone" is just Apple's way of saying mobile phones can be used to create great movies/photos whilst advertising their phone in the process, but of course other phones can do the same
  • No, your 1020 does not kill the iPhone in image quality in video. iPhones have the best videos on the smartphone market.
  • photographic image quality....YES! it does. Danny, I agree, shot on iPhone is APPLE's way of saying mobile phones can create amazing results, and I agree. What I have issue with is Rene's heading of FAR AHEAD, insinuating that iPhone creates vastly superior video image quality, which we both know it not true.
  • Do you even know what the purpose of an ad is?
  • halfway into the video I forgot it was a commercial and totally sucked into the narrative, seriously guys, the video work is not that great, and those fake blur is really glaring, only amazing part of the video is the towering samoan with the stadium lights behind him. If you want to see a really technical iphone video and his take, try this
  • "shot on iPhone"....with a ton of post-processing. Anyone with some talent could do that on the OnePlus 6T.