This shows how far ahead the iPhone XS video camera really is

The amount of work, and the results achieved, by Apple's camera team when it comes to video — including up to 30fps enhanced dynamic range, and stereo audio recording — are beyond impressive. Witness the latest Shot on iPhone video:

American Samoa - 'Football Island' - produces athletes that are 56 times more likely to play in the NFL than Americans from anywhere else. Photographer and Director Steven Counts presents a portrait of Eddie Siaumau, a 17 - year old athlete who has just accepted a full ride scholarship to a D1 university.

  • Director: Steven Counts
  • Director of Photography: Eric Kuzma
  • Executive Producer: Heather Zara
  • Assistant: Harrison Smith

Shot on iPhone XS, with the aid of: DJI Osmo Mobile 2, FiLMiC Pro, Joby GripTight PRO Video GP Stand, NiSi Smartphones Filter Kit

The talent of the production team is obviously paramount but the tools, in this case the iPhone camera and the accessories and apps used to get the most out of it, are force multipliers.

You often hear debate about which phone has the best camera. It almost never includes mention of video. It absolutely should.

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