Skype Splash ScreenSource: Joseph Keller/iMore

What you need to know

  • There's a big new feature for Skype on iOS.
  • Users can now blur their background on both iPhone and iPad.
  • The feature has been available on desktop for a while.

A new Skype update for iPadOS and iOS will let iPhone and iPad users blur their background on calls.

As reported by Pocket-lint:

Skype has updated its mobile app for iPhone and iPad by enabling a feature that's been on its desktop version for some time: by enabling blurred backgrounds.

That means that while you're on a video call you can quickly and easily hide the details of what's in your backdrop, whether that's because you want to hide your mess, or just create a visual distinction between you and your surroundings.

You'll need the latest version of Skype on iOS, version 8.62 to get the new feature. The new setting can be accessed in the (...) settings menu in the bottom right-hand corner of a video call. The feature is titled 'Enable Background Blur.' As the Pocket-lint notes, the icon will also show up alongside the microphone and camera toggle buttons in the meeting preview screen.

The feature has been enabled on desktop Skype for a while. Whilst you won't get the soft, crisp bokeh of a DSLR or even your iPhone's rear camera, the new setting will make your Skype video just a little bit neater.

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