A coffee cup so good that Apple sells it at the Apple Store? Now $40 off in the final Cyber Monday sales

Ember cup Cyber Monday
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Have you ever found yourself with a cold, cold coffee on a morning where you want anything but? One of those moments where you've left it out on the counter for a little too long, allowing the coffee inside to reach a less than drinkable temperature? We've all been there — but thankfully, there is a way around the issue.

The Ember temperature controlled smart mug is one of those things that you'd never thought you'd need — until you get your hands on one, and realise that you can no longer live without it. 

Cyber sales to check out

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 |$149$109 at Amazon

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 | $149 $109 at Amazon

Apple apparently liked this mug that connects to your iPhone so much that the company put it on the Apple Store — high praise indeed. It'll control the temperature of your coffee according to the parameters that you set, so your cuppa will never get cold.

Price check: $109 at Best Buy | $129 at Target

Ember Tumbler Temperature Control Travel Mug | $199$139 at Amazon

Ember Tumbler Temperature Control Travel Mug | $199 $139 at Amazon

How about a larger, travel variant? This one will also connect up to your iPhone, and let you control the temperature of your hot drink (or soup), albeit with the added security of a lid. $60 off is a massive bonus as well.

Price check: $139 at Best Buy | N/A at Target

The Ember mug line is extremely cool — I got to have a go with one when the mug first released, and my cup of coffee didn't lose any heat over the course of my working day. Even though I barely touched the liquid inside (because, lets face it, who has time to drink?) the coffee inside was piping hot.

The app was easy to use, and the charging pad kept it charged and good to go — there's a reason Apple put it in the Apple Store. 

This deal makes both mugs their lowest prices ever, with some mega deals: But don't wait too long, there are only a few hours left in the sale!

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