Make your home more secure with $97 off this Aqara smart lock over the Prime Big Deal Days

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Back in 2022, smart home brand Aqara launched the Aqara Smart Lock U100. This smart lock works with Apple HomeKit and Home Key, which means you can unlock it using an Apple Watch or an iPhone.

This smart lock comes with different means of authentication. Use your fingerprint to open it, a numeric passcode, Google Assistant, NFC, and Apple HomeKit as well as Siri and Apple's new Home Key protocol.

With Bluetooth 5.0 it can connect to mobile devices and home hubs. It can also be used with Aqara's home app and other third-party platforms and devices, including the latest smart home protocol, Matter. Although you will need the Aqara Zigbee 3.0 hub to integrate it into other smart home setups.

A smart lock may not seem like the most essential piece of smart home kit, but considering the Aqara Smart Lock U100 has had a $97 reduction for Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days, making it only $132, there’s never been a better time to make your home smarter and more secure.

It's much more than just a door lock

Aqara Smart Lock U100 | $231$132 at Amazon

Aqara Smart Lock U100 | $231 $132 at Amazon

Safe and sound

Make your home smarter and more secure with this Apple HomeKit-enabled smart lock from Aqara, which you can open with your fingerprint, your iPhone, or your Apple Watch.

The Aqara Smart Lock U100 isn't just a door lock you can open with your iPhone or your Apple Watch – although that is one of the best and most intuitive features that it offers.

It's also packed with many other features that make it a worthwhile upgrade to your smart home. For starters, Apple Home integration means you can manage and share door access with your guests, and the fingerprint sensor stores up to 50 fingerprints.

The lock also has a built-in gyroscope inside it, which is how the auto-lock feature kicks in, locking the door behind you when you close it. There's also a Do Not Disturb mode, which mutes the door lock sounds to avoid waking everyone else up if you're ever home late.

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