Suck up $249 in savings with this robot vacuum Prime Day deal

Roborock S7+ docked on floor.
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I've spent years reviewing robot vacuums and one of my absolute favorite brands is Roborock. This company produces phenomenal cleaning units with powerful suction, smart features, and plenty of conveniences. With today's Prime Day deals, one of my all-time favorite vacuums is at a deep discount: The Roborock S7+. This fabulous cleaning machine is currently $249.99 off and comes with a Self-Empty Dock so you don't have to remove the dustbin every day.  

Roborock S7+ with Self-Empty Dock | $949.98  now  $699.99 at Amazon

Roborock S7+ with Self-Empty Dock | $949.98  now  $699.99 at Amazon

Control this robot vacuum and auto-empty station combo from your iPhone or Android phone. The dock holds up to eight weeks of debris so you don't have to empty it very often. 

In our Roborock S7 review, we noted that this robot vacuum cleans your home by first outlining a room and then going back and forth in tidy rows until every inch has been covered. The Auto-Empty Dock that comes with the S7 can hold up to eight weeks of debris and is great at sucking up pet fur, food crumbs, kitty litter, and more. 

It doesn't have HomeKit compatibility built into it, but you can use a bridge to control it with Apple HomeKit. Using your iPhone or Android phone, you can see the map of your home that the S7+ makes and can use it to set up no-go zones or tell the vacuum to clean a specific area. The controls are very simple allowing you to easily set up cleaning schedules and determine how strong of a suction you want the vacuum to use. 

This vacuum also has a water tank as well as mopping attachments so you can let it loose on your hard floors for an extra shine. It also detects carpets and will lift up the map pad whenever it goes over these areas of your home. One of the things I love the most about it is that it uses a rubber brush that doesn't get tangled up with hair. That way you won't have to spend time cutting twisted strands from the brush like you do with many other robot vacuums out there. If you're wanting a robot vacuum, you really ought to consider this one. 

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