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Best HomeKit devices 2022

HomeKit — Apple's home automation platform lets you control compatible cameras, light bulbs, thermostats, and more with a tap of your iPhone or with your voice. Better still, it does so in a way that ensures privacy and security for your network and your home. HomeKit devices are hitting the market all of the time, so here are our picks for the best HomeKit devices that you can buy today.

These are the best HomeKit devices you can buy in 2022

Make your home truly smart with the best HomeKit devices

Having the best HomeKit devices in your home enables the ultimate in smart home convenience. Since HomeKit devices reside under one roof — the Home app, you can do a lot more than control your home with your phone. You can create scenes that can dim your lights, turn on the TV, and close the blinds with one tap on movie night, or your door can unlock when you arrive home through automation.

If you intend to go all-in with HomeKit for your smart home needs, then Apple's HomePod mini is the best place to start. This smart speaker not only gives you the ability to turn off the lights using just your voice, but it also acts as a HomeKit hub that unlocks power features like automation.

Want to take your lighting to the next level? Then check out the Lutron P-BDG-PKG1W Caseta Wireless Dimmer Kit. This kit keeps things simple with replacing your existing light switches, removing the need to train others to operate the lights in your home.