SmartGlass on iPhone and iPad can now control your TV through your Xbox One

The SmartGlass app for iPhone and iPad allows users to remotely control their Xbox One from their phone, and with the latest update, you can do a lot more. TV and App Channels are now showcased in an easy-to-access OneGuide page. You can also manually cruise through your TV channels if you have service now. Twitch integration helps you discover live streaming gameplay through SmartGlass. An array of smaller tweaks, such as achievement comparisons, new notification options, and an overall Home screen change round out a pretty beefy update.

As always, SmartGlass offers you a handy on-screen keyboard when conducting searches or typing out messages, manage media playback, browse the web on the big screen, and lots more. Basically, if you've got an Xbox One, you should probably have this app.

How many of you have an Xbox One? Have you been happy with SmartGlass so far? Any features you're really holding out for?

Simon Sage

Editor-at-very-large at Mobile Nations, gamer, giant.

  • You should say Xbox One SmartGlass to separate it from the Xbox 360 SmartGlass, as these are two separate apps. I just checked and both apps have been updated. Also, there would be some people out there still with a 360/PS3.
  • The thing lacking the most is apps, apps, and more apps. If it had apps, it could be an extremely useful media center. Also some non-sense about having to have a Windows 8 pc to play locally shared music files. I'm not 100% on the shared thing but I thought I read that somewhere and haven't had a chance to try. Sent from the iMore App
  • Back when the Xbox One and the Xbox One SmartGlass were debuted, Engadget ran a story stating that you would be able to buy games from within the SmartGlass app, and they would automatically start downloading on your console. I haven't heard a peep about it since then, so I'm hoping it's still in the pipeline. That would be an awesome feature for me, as I work 12-hour days and tend to forget things rather quickly. If I could purchase a game, whilst on a break, and have it downloaded and ready to play when I get home, I could save literally a day of waiting to play the newest games. I guess, first and foremost, I hope the information of this feature wasn't misinformation.
  • My Galaxy S4 find televisions and can communicate with them, turning them on and off or changing channels. I used my phone this way for a while until I remembered, hey wait, there's a remote.
  • I think you might have to have the console on or probably at-least on standby. With the Playstation app it takes you to a website, I don't know how it will work with Smartglass for Xbox. Maybe they are trying to make it so it is in-app and not a website.