Snapchat goes back to normal

Snapchat on iPhone
Snapchat on iPhone (Image credit: iMore)

If you're someone who's been using Snapchat for the last little while — or since November of 2017 — then you know how big of a deal it was when the insanely popular social media app changed its entire layout, format, and structure.

But good news for those who ditched le Snap since the latest update: Snapchat recently announced that they'll be removing some of the features that made the update so frustrating and cumbersome to users.

Since the update last year, gone were the days of effortlessly scrolling through stories, and here were the days of… weird… tile thingies? The app didn't even open on the camera like it normally did? Plus chats weren't in chronological order, and users weren't impressed.

Snap unveiled its radical redesign in November with the goal of creating a personalized user experience that's easier to navigate, especially for newcomers. But the change didn't go down well with many long-time users, so much so that 1.2 million of them signed a petition asking the company to walk back the UI changes. Snap initially responded to the outcry in February by acknowledging that "the new Snapchat has felt uncomfortable for many", but went no further than to reassure users that they would eventually adapt to the changes over time. (Mac Rumors)

Snapchat said that the original changes weren't meant to confuse users, but rather help newcomers to the app feel a bit more welcome and secure while they Snap away, but after seeing the resistance and blowback online, things are going back to the way the once were.

However, the company's first quarter earnings suggest the strategy has so far failed to boost earnings, with Snap making less money per user despite having grown its global user base by around four million over the previous quarter. (Mac Rumors)

TL;DR: Snapchat is pretty much back to its old self! Hooray!

What do you think?

Are you going to go back to using Snapchat more often now that the dreaded curse has been broken? Or maybe you're done with social media for a while?

Or maybe you're someone who actually really loved the new changes and will be sad to see some of them go!

Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments down below!

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