Snapseed hits version 2.0 with new tools, filters and more

The Google-owned Snapseed, which received its last major update in October 2013, is one of our favorite photo editing apps for iPhone. The latest update adds a new way to view your edits with Stacks. Stacks allow you to see a list of filters that you've applied to an image that can be re-edited or copied over to another image.

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Snapseed 2.0 also includes new filters, brush and spot repair tools, and more. Check out the full list of additions below:

  • Stacks allow you to re-edit any image
  • Copy your edits from one image to another
  • 5 new filters including Lens Blur, Tonal Contrast and Glamour Glow, previously a premium feature
  • Lens blur that's adjustable in all directions
  • Brush tools to apply effects to sections of an image
  • Spot Repair for detailed editing, healing, and retouching
  • Transform adjusts perspective across vertical and horizontal axes, then fills in empty areas after rotations

Snapseed 2.0 is available now from the App Store as a universal app for iPhone and iPad.

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