Somebody made a stunning concept out of the curved iMac patent

Cyrved Imac Concept
Cyrved Imac Concept (Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

What you need to know

  • Somebody made a concept out of a recent iMac patent.
  • The patent showed a curved iMac made from a single piece of glass.
  • It features a touch screen and a removable keyboard, and it's simply stunning.

LetsGoDigital has commissioned dutch designer Jermaine Smit to create a concept based on a recent iMac patent and oh wow.

Their report says:

Together with the talented Dutch designer Jermaine Smit - aka Concept Creator - LetsGoDigital has decided to bring this special desktop PC to life by turning the patented design into a 3D render animation. In the video animation below you can see what a full glass iMac Pro would look like. The thin, stylish glass design would be a real eye-catcher in many living rooms and offices and would certainly meet today's design standards.

We'll cut to the chase, here's the video!

The patent was published in January and was titled 'electronic device with glass housing member'. A brief description of the patent stated:

An electronic device may include a glass housing member that includes an upper portion defining a display area, a lower portion defining an input area, and a transition portion joining the upper portion and the lower portion and defining a continuous, curved surface between the upper portion and the lower portion. The electronic device may include a display coupled to the glass housing member and configured to provide a visual output at the display area. The electronic device may include an input device coupled to the glass housing member and configured to detect inputs at the input area. The electronic device may include a support structure coupled to the glass housing member and configured to support the computing device.

Patents, of course, are no guarantee that Apple will create a product like this, but if it does, you won't find us complaining.

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