Mac ProSource: iFixit

What you need to know

  • The iFixit team has grated cheese on the new Mac Pro.
  • They also gave some first impressions.
  • The Mac Pro's design has been ridiculed since it was announced because of its cheese grater-like form factor.

The iFixit team has grated cheese on the Mac Pro in its uncasing and first impressions video of the new machine.

iFixit took to YouTube to live stream its initial uncasing and first impressions of Apple's new 2019 Mac Pro. After uncasing the Mac Pro, they take a look at some of its internal features and design, but who really cares about that... the important part of the video kicks in at 13:30 seconds, where the team tries their hand at grating cheese on the front of the Mac Pro.

You might be surprised to know that the Mac Pro actually isn't all that when it comes to grating cheese. Actual, usable, grated cheese production was absolutely minimal, and mostly the cheese just found itself clogging up the distinctive holes in the front of the device.

That fancy design is actually meant to increase airflow into the Mac Pro, a fact revealed in an interview with two Apple engineers who worked closely on its design.

Anyway, why not check out the video from iFixit below! As mentioned, it starts to get good at 13:30.