iPhone XS, broken, with dislodged screenSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Someone dropped an iPhone XS down a 300ft staircase.
  • It broke.
  • A lot.

Someone took an iPhone XS to the top of a 300ft staircase and dropped it. And it broke.

That should probably be the end of the post but let's continue together, shall we?

The first time that I came across someone destroying a piece of tech for no reason other than to destroy a piece of tech was when people did it to the PS3 on launch day. And people are still doing it all these years later, it seems.

The first attempt at dropping this poor, defenseless iPhone XS didn't go according to plan with it landing on some stairs instead of the bottom floor. So YouTuber TechRax did it again, this time giving another iPhone the benefit of a case.

I've worked with a few case makers in my time and I'm not sure any of them claim their wares will withstand a 300ft fall. But anyway, here's the video.

So now I've given them a ton more views that probably validates the whole ridiculous video – I'm not immune to irony! – can we all maybe agree that it's time we move on from these kinds of things?

At least the guy that blended things was entertaining!

Yes I know this video is a year old but I only found it today!