Iphone 12 Pro Concept BlueSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple is hopefully going to announce iPhone 12 Pro in September.
  • This new concept imagines what it might look like.
  • Some of it's likely. Some of it less so.

Depending on which analysts and supply chain partners you listen to Apple will either announce iPhone 12 Pro this September or at some undetermined point in the future. We're expecting big things, whenever it happens. And this concept embodies much of that excitement.

Created by Hacker 34 and shared to YouTube, the 70-second video takes the form of an Apple ad, as these things are wont to do. And it does a pretty good job of getting us hyped for iPhone 12 Pro. Not that much help was needed.

The first thing you'll notice about this concept is its blocky, squared-off edges that resemble iPhone 4. That's a very good thing and it would hopefully do away with the bar of soap approach we've been struggling – and failing – to hold on to the last few years.

Another obvious change here is the smaller notch around the front. We've been looking at the current notch since iPhone X was introduced in 2017 and I can't say it's bothered me. But if you want it gone, maybe making it smaller will suffice?

Below that notch is a ProMotion XDR display with a 120Hz refresh rate. That's unlikely this year, but it doesn't hurt to dream. The inclusion of 5G and a LiDAR Scanner makes much more sense, though.

We've no idea what Apple has planned for iPhone 12 right now, thanks in part to coronavirus. Some quarters say it will be delayed, others say not. If the eventual release yields anything like this concept, I'm all in.