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What you need to know

  • One Reddit user has been able to get Ubuntu up and running on their iPhone 7.

Being able to take software and run it on a device that wasn't supposed to ever run it is something that people have enjoyed doing for years. The latest example is one Reddit user who managed to make Ubuntu run, surprisingly well, on an old iPhone 7.

What's more, that iPhone 7 couldn't actually run iOS because of a hardware failure. But apparently, Ubuntu is no problem at all. iDownloadBlog was the first to spy the Reddit post.

Redditor newhacker1746 says that the iPhone can even go ahead and mount filesystems and whatnot, just like a real computer.

To be honest, I felt a lot of pride in using Linux for one of its classic purposes: repurposing otherwise-unusable devices. This iPhone would never be able to boot iOS again, as its nvme nand is completely dead. Yet, it boots Linux and mounts a filesystem over USB ethernet no problem!

This is all made possible thanks to the checkra1n jailbreak and the person behind this feat of madness explains more about how it all went down on Reddit. Sure, this might not be something most people are going to set about doing – but it's pretty high up on my list of cool things people have done with old, busted iPhones!