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What you need to know

  • Soosee can highlight words that you've told it should be avoided – like ingredients you're allergic to.

Whether you're on a health kick or are allergic to something in particular, knowing what's in your food can be important. But actually checking labels is far from a fun time, especially if there is a long list of ingredients. But that's where Soosee has your back.

Soosee is capable of taking a look at a label and then highlighting any words you've told it to keep an eye out for. That way, you'll know which foods to avoid.

Soosee helps you quickly scan ingredient lists for words you want to avoid. It includes more than 30 categories for common allergies, a vegan lifestyle, pregnant women, high environmental impact, additives, health and more! Point your camera at an ingredient list and words you have enabled are highlighted instantly.

There are more than 30 categories of ingredients built in and you can create your own as well. Soosee supports 18 languages out of the gate, too, so you know you're probably good to go even when you travel.

There are tons of reasons why you might make use of Soosee!

Soosee makes your life easier in many different scenarios, for example...

  • If you, your partner, child or a family member suffers from a food intolerance
  • If you are allergic to certain food groups such as gluten, peanuts, dairy or fish
  • For (new) vegans and vegetarians who want to avoid animal derived products
  • For pregnant women (and their partners) who want to avoid certain ingredients
  • When you want to check cosmetic products for microplastics
  • Avoid products that use palm oil
  • Quickly understand which additives are included in a product
  • When you struggle to read the small fonts on product labels

It's difficult to argue with that! You can download Soosee now for free, with an in-app purchase available. Grab it from the App Store now.

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