Readle Spark For TeamsSource: Readle

What you need to know

  • Readle has announced shared mailboxes for Spark Teams.
  • The feature is available in the Mac app now with iPhone and iPad updates coming.

Readdle has today announced that users of its Spark Teams service can now access shared mailboxes for the first time, allowing multiple people to access the same email without any clunky workarounds.

The update, which is available for Mac now with iPhone and iPad versions coming soon, works with Gmail and Google Workspace accounts.

Today we're introducing Shared Inboxes in Spark — an invaluable new feature that enables multiple team members to simultaneously access common email accounts (like sales@ or info@) & enhance collaboration by assigning emails, setting deadlines, discussing emails internally and even drafting emails together in real time.

Spark is already one of the best email apps for iPhone and this update is just going to make that more apparent. Users will be able to assign emails to each other, set deadlines, and track progress. They'll even be able to discuss emails internally without the need for other apps like Slack or Teams.

You will however need to be a Spark Teams user to take advantage of this, with a subscription costing $7.99 per user/month or $6.40 per user/month billed annually. You can learn more about Sparks Teams over on the Spark website, too.

Spark is my email app of choice and it's long been one of the best iPhone apps for those who want to be able to manage multiple mailboxes and take advantage of advanced features. Today's announcement builds on that and it's very much beyond the scope of what Apple's Mail app can offer.