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What you need to know

  • New Zealand customers can finally use an Apple Watch Cellular on a mobile eSIM plan .
  • Spark has now released its 'One Number' plan for cellular Apple Watch customers.
  • It costs NZ$12.99 and comes with unlimited data on your Apple Watch!

A week after the cellular Apple Watch was released in New Zealand, customers can now enjoy its cellular capabilities thanks to Spark's new One Number plan.

As reported by NZHerald](As reported by NZHerald, Spark's new eSIM plan is now available. 'One Number' allows you to share your mobile number with your Apple Watch to make calls and texts without needing your phone nearby. Customers will share their minutes and texts allowance with their primary plan, however using data on your watch is unlimited. The only downside is that your speeds will be throttled after 40GB of usage.

The Apple Watch Cellular went on sale on Apple's New Zealand site last week, with preorders for Spark customers also going live. Prices start at NZ$549, whilst prices for the Series 5 start at NZ$929 for the 40-mm, and NZ$979 for the 44-mm. As mentioned, the benefits of an Apple Watch Cellular include making calls and sending texts directly from your Apple Watch without your phone. However, it also means you can stream music and podcasts whilst you're out and about.

If you take out a new number one plan, you can only buy the Apple Watch Series 5, however, you can connect an Apple Watch Series 3 or 4 to the plan if you already own one, as long as the watch is cellular and compatible with Spark's network. Regardless of Watch, you'll also need an iPhone 6s or later running iOS 13.3, and an eligible Spark mobile plan.