Spike Video Calling ScreenshotSource: Spike

What you need to know

  • Spike now allows you to make calls from within your email app.
  • Calls can be one-to-one, group calls, and even video calls.

Spike announced via its blog that users can now make and join calls right from within their email app. The update allows users to have calls one-on-one as well as group calls, while video is also supported as well.

The update means that users won't have to leave their inbox to have a meeting, something that is either a brilliant or horrific idea depending on your relationship with email.

Spike says the idea is that people won't need to switch between apps all the time because everything is happening inside just one — Spike.

Start or join a Video Meeting in just 1-click. Go from text to voice message to a video call, all from your inbox. No app switching. No context switching. Spike is the first app that combines all forms of team communication in your Inbox, which works seamlessly both internal communication and externally to your organization.

Being able to do all of this from any device is pretty cool indeed, and you can upgrade Spike across all of those devices now to get support for meetings. Anyone wanting to learn more can head on over to the Spike website, too.

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This might not be something I'd want to use — staring at my inbox during a meeting would drive me insane — but I can definitely see how it might be useful to some. Spike is one of the best email apps for iPhone and updates like this will just ensure that remains the case.

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