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What you need to know

  • Spotify appears to be testing a new feature designed for Apple Watch users.
  • Some people have a new feature that will let them play music from their Apple Watch.
  • It doesn't seem to need a beta app, but it isn't available for everyone.

Amazingly, in 2020, nobody can stream music from Spotify using their Apple Watch. Or, should I say, most people can't. But a lucky few can after Spotify started to test the feature with a limited number of listeners.

We don't yet know who has access or why they were chosen, but it doesn't seem to be related to any kind of beta version of the Spotify app itself. Instead, users just seem to be having the feature appear on their watches alongside a blue tag that says "Beta".

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The news was first shared by and while Spotify hasn't said anything about the feature or its testing, it's clear the company is working on it. Now we just need it to make Apple Watch streaming available to everyone.

If the beta is active, you can no longer select only the iPhone or an existing Spotify Connect speaker as the playback target, the Apple Watch itself can also be set as the playback source via a clock symbol and then streams via the LTE network.

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