Square, Inc. is a mobile payment company based in San Francisco, California that was founded in May 2010. The company, which was founded by Jack Dorsey, also of Twitter fame, and Jim McKelvey, has launched a number of different products over the years. The main focus of Square has been to make payments on the go easier for both merchants, and consumers.

With a variety of products on the market, like Square Reader, Square Register, Square Stand, Square Cash, and most recently Square Dashboard and Square Appointments, the company continues to evolve. Square Reader allows just about anyone to accept a mobile payment on the go, as it's a simple accessory that plugs into your smartphone and can swipe and process credit card payments.

Square Register is a point of sale software that runs on an iPad, that gives you a full terminal for payment processing for your business. More recently, Square has expanded beyond just the normal payment processing, with its delivery service, Caviar, its easy way to track sales in real time, Dashboard, and even a new business-focused calendar app, Appointments.

Square has committed to accept Apple Pay as a payment option in 2015, even though some view it as competition. Square views what it is doing as a register for the payments, not a payment device.

To begin accepting payments of your own using Square, simply head to its website, and pick out the products you will need to get started.

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