Square Dashboard for iPhone keeps track of sales in real time

The Square app has allowed small business owners to accept credit cards via the iPhone for some time. Now the company has revealed an all new iPhone app, Square Dashboard, that lets those users keep track of sales made via the main Square app in real time.

Square says that the Dashboard app can do more than track sales:

  • Your sales summaries: Check your sales, the number of items you sold, and the average sale amounts each day. So if you're hitting it out of the park, you can see that right away.
  • Sales comparisons: Compare your sales to last week, last month, or last year. This information is gold when it comes to figuring out when to staff up or down.
  • Which items are your best sellers: What are you selling more of — clothing or accessories? You can instantly spot which categories are doing well, and which might need some TLC with a sale or a promotion. You can also sort your items by what's selling, or what's not. If you're serving tons of iced coffee and another heat wave is approaching, it might be time to make some more ice.
  • How all your locations are doing: You can choose to see sales data at one location, at all your locations, or at any group of locations. This is a great way to get a quick take on how things are going across the board at any given point in time. It's like being everywhere at once. Except not.

The app is currently rolling out in the iOS App Store for free to any business owner with a Square account.

Source: Square

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