Square launches in-store pickup, offline sales, and inventory tracking

Square is a popular card reader suite for iOS and Android, enabling e-commerce customers to drive more custom through their business and simplify transaction operations. We previously looked at the register for iPad, transforming the tablet into a fully-capable register with credit card support, but today Square is announcing new features – Pickup, offline mode and inventory tracking.

Square Pickup is a new addition to the feature table for businesses. This service allows customers to place orders online (largely done via smartphones) and pick up their goods without having to wait through queues. Sellers pay a small 8 percent processing fee per order, which has been slashed to just 2.75 percent through July 1, 2014 as an introductory offer. As always, setup is free.

Next up is offline mode, which allows sellers to utilize Square's mobile register, including the credit card payment gateway, even when Internet connectivity has been lost. Square would then process payments after a connection is re-established. This mode is perfect for sellers who would find themselves mobile or in a situation where internet connectivity isn't reliable, without paying the premium for hardware.

Lastly, Square todayannounced inventory tracking, which has proven to be one of the most requested features by customers. Inventory tracking, as the name suggests, provides sellers a free way to track item stock when selling both in person and online. Manging inventory in the web dashboard, sellers are able to set up stock alerts preventing them from being caught off guard by low inventory issues.

Source: Square

Rich Edmonds