Square's new Register API lets sellers build custom point-of-sale apps

Square has launched a new set of APIs that enable sellers to use the company's payment processing services with their own custom apps. The new "Build with Square" program, Square's initial set of tools include a Register API that allows developers to create customized iOS apps that tap into Square's payment processing. From Square:

With our Register API, any iOS point of sale can be customized to process payments with Square. We know that some sellers — especially in retail, like bike shops or wineries — have highly individualized point-of-sale needs. By integrating with Square, sellers with a third-party point of sale will be able to use our beautiful and affordable hardware, accept EMV payments and Apple Pay, and receive the same fair and transparent pricing and financial services available to all our sellers.

Additionally, Square has also released an E-Commerce API that similarly allows sellers to tap into the company's payment processing mojo via their websites.

Interested developers can head to Square's website to sign up for a developer account and begin working with all of the company's new APIs.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster