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What you need to know

  • Stanford Medicine has announced a new COVID-19 app.
  • 'First Responder COVID-19 Guide' will help first responders screen their symptoms and get a test if necessary.
  • It was built using Apple's ResearchKit and CareKit.

Stanford Medicine has today announced a new COVID-19 app to help screen first responders so they can get coronavirus tests if necessary.

In a release the institute stated:

To serve frontline providers, Stanford Medicine also introduced a new app, called the First Responder COVID-19 Guide, which was built with the support of Apple to help these first responders screen their symptoms and, if needed, schedule a testing appointment. The app, which uses Apple's ResearchKit and CareKit frameworks, includes trustworthy, up-to-date information about COVID-19 from Stanford experts.

The goal is to ensure that first responders can efficiently access needed medical care while working under the safest possible conditions during the coronavirus outbreak. In the future, Stanford hopes to expand high-priority testing to frontline essential service workers, such as grocery store clerks and public service personnel, and to help first responders in other counties connect to one of Stanford Medicine's seven outpatient testing facilities across the Bay Area.

In a statement, Robert Harrington, MD, professor, and Chair of Medicine stated:

"With these apps, under the leadership of Michael Halaas, our deputy chief information officer, we're expanding the reach of our expertise to provide answers for people who are busy serving others during this crisis. It's our hope that this technology will ease some of the burden for people on the front lines, and will help inform those who seek a reliable source on COVID-19."

The app features a questionnaire about symptoms, medical history and exposure to the coronavirus. If the app thinks a first responder needs a test, it will communicate this information to their agency department's infection control officer, who then coordinates with Stanford Health Care to schedule a test. First responders do not need to be Stanford Health Care patients to get tested.

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All information is stored on your device, but participants can choose to share the information with the health provider.

As mentioned, the app was built "with the support of Apple" and uses Apple's ResearchKit and CareKit frameworks.

The app is available to download now!

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