Star Wars: Hunters gets new maps and characters on Nintendo Switch and iOS

Star Wars Hunters Screenshot Snow
Star Wars Hunters Screenshot Snow (Image credit: Zynga)

What you need to know

  • Star Wars: Hunters is an upcoming squad-based game from Zynga.
  • Zynga shared details on some additional Hunters, maps and a new mode that'll be available later in 2022.
  • Star Wars: Hunters is currently available in "soft launch" on iOS and is coming to Nintendo Switch sometime later in the year.

Developer and publisher Zynga shared some new details for the upcoming Star Wars: Hunters on Monday, including new characters and maps that players can enjoy when the game launches. There are two newly-revealed Hunters, Skora and Sprocket. Skora can use a dart gun to heal her allies, while Sprocket commands droids to control the battlefield.

Skora and Sprocket join eight previously-revealed characters: Sentinel, Grozz, Imara Vex, Zaina, Aran Tal, Rieve, J-3DI, Utooni, and Sling Shot. There's also two new maps coming, with The Great Hunt and Dusty Ridge, which are set on Endor and Tatooine, respectively. Not content to stop with these new Hunters and new maps, Zynga also shared details on a new game mode called Huttball.

Star Wars: Hunters is currently available in "soft launch" on iOS devices and is slated to launch for the Nintendo Switch and Android devices at some point later in 2022. When the game launches on these platforms, it'll support full cross-play, so friends can play together no matter where they're at.

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