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What you need to know

  • What better way to start your Saturday, than with a tour of a Chinese iPhone battery Factory.
  • YouTube channel Strange Parts took a tour around an iPhone battery facility run by PISEN in China.
  • It reveals the battery manufacturing process from start to finish.

Popular Youtube channel Strange Parts has taken a tour inside an iPhone battery-making facility.

They toured a facility run by PISEN, in Shenzhen China, which makes aftermarket replacement batteries for iPhone. So that's batteries that Apple Stores and potentially Authorized Service Providers might use to repair a faulty device, as opposed to batteries being installed in brand new iPhones.

The tour shows how the factory mixes the coating for both the Cathode and Anode sides of the Lithium-Ion batteries, a mixture that's used to coat an aluminum sheet. The coated aluminum is then heated and cooled, before being inspected by X-Ray. An 800-ton rolling press thins out the Aluminum. Next, the rolled Aluminum is sliced into battery-width rolls. An enormous machine combines the two Anode and Cathode layers with insulating material using an incredibly complex machine that requires zero human labor.

Later on, you can see fully formed batteries being aged in a heated room, charged for a couple of hours and then tested. The batteries go through rigorous testing and physical inspection, before being packaged and shipped.

The video is quite long at 30 minutes, but if you've got the time, it's definitely worth it! Check it out!