Steal and blow up your opponents words' in the Scrabble-like game War of Words for iPhone and iPad

War of Words is a word game similar to Scrabble or Words with Triends, only with War of Words, you can steal and blow up your opponents' words! War of Words has action tiles in addition to the traditional letter tiles. With them, you can place bombs or land mines on your opponents words, allows yourself to spell words backwards, gain an extra turn, or even have the ability to place your word anywhere on the board.

In comparison to War of Words, Scrabble and Words with Friends are so innocent.

War of Words is the next generation online crossword game. It starts with the turn-based word spelling gameplay you know and love – and adds bombs! Have you ever wanted to blow up your opponent’s words? Or maybe steal some words for yourself? Now you can.

  • Start with the standard online crossword gameplay you know and love
  • No longer limited to just letters – War of Words introduces Action Tiles!
  • Bomb Tiles let you destroy your opponent’s letters
  • Thief Tiles allow you to steal words from the other player
  • Drop Land Mine Tiles to catch your opponent unaware
  • Play your own Multiplier Tiles to get the score of your dreams
  • Reverse Tiles let you play a word backwards
  • Start Over Tiles let you start a word anywhere on the board – without connecting to another word
  • Use an Extra Turn Tile to play two turns in a row
  • Barricade Tiles let you block strategic locations on the board
  • Shield Tiles protect areas from your opponent
  • Wildcards can be multiple letters at the same time

War of Words is available on the iPhone and iPad for $1.99. There is also a free, ad-supported version available.

[Free App Store link] [$1.99 - App Store link]

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