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What you need to know

  • Sticky Widgets puts sticky notes right on your Home screen using iOS 14 widgets.
  • The version 2.0 update includes new options for note color and fonts plus iCloud syncing and more.

The excellent Sticky Widgets – an app that I use to keep important notes on my Home screen – has been updated to version 2.0 and brings with it some pretty neat improvements.

Top of the pile is support for any color you could want for the background of your note as well as "tons and tons and tons" of new fonts that cover all manner of weights. If you couldn't find a font and color to suit your taste before, you will now.

Beyond that we also have support for iCloud syncing, making it easier than ever to put the same note on multiple devices.

That's not all, either.

Sticky Widgets 2.0 is here! Everything you love about Sticky Widgets is still here: the easy-to-use experience, the simplicity that requires no tapping on the app icon, the customization… But now there's even more.

  • Customization settings are now in the app interface (instead of the Edit Widget configurator)
  • You can pick any color - any color, at all - for the background or text of your notes (upgrade required)
  • Tons and tons and tons of fonts are now available in all weights from ultralight to heavy, and they're all presented in their own font (upgrade required)
  • iCloud syncing allows you to put the same note on multiple devices logged into your iCloud account (set up the Note ID in widget settings)
  • Text entry improvements means no more cursor jumping around when it shouldn't
  • Complete foundational overhaul, which means support for even more features coming soon
  • A new, slightly updated app icon that might look a little nicer

The newly updated Sticky Widgets 2.0 is availalbe now from the App Store. It's free with in-app purchases available.

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