This stunning foldable iPhone concept is the best you've ever seen

Iphone Air Concept Image
Iphone Air Concept Image (Image credit: ADR Studio)

What you need to know

  • A new concept imagines an iPhone Air foldable device.
  • The new concept shows a gorgeous foldable iPhone powered by an Apple M1 chip.
  • This foldable concept includes a portless design.

Apple has long been rumored to have plans to launch a foldable iPhone and it'll have a winner if it's anything like this new iPhone Air concept.

Created by ADR Studio and posted to YouTube, this concept shows the kind of foldable iPhone that would surely be hard to refuse even for the most anti-foldable iPhone user. The concept calls for a portless design and features Apple silicon in the form of the M1 chip.

Really, words are never going to do this thing justice. Just watch the video and prepare to be wowed.

Some leaks report that Apple is still testing foldable devices, but it thinks the technology is not entirely ready for its quality standards. So, let's imagine the first Apple foldable device, full of power, light, and with an amazing screen.

While the idea of putting an M1 chip inside an iPhone does raise the concern of heat dissipation there is no denying that it would make this thing one powerful iPhone. Not that the current iPhone 13 is a slow device, of course. But there's always room for more performance!

While nobody seems to know when we will actually see a foldable iPhone, the smart money seems to be on a wait of another year or two before we will see a bendy phone with an Apple logo on it. It's surely only a matter of time before we do see a foldable iPhone and I know I'll be all over it if it's even remotely as cool as this iPhone Air concept.

Oliver Haslam

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  • No just no. Why would you make something harder to fit in the pocket by making it thicker but not gain any screen size in the process? Having it fold that way has no added benefit.
  • No. My first smartphone and my Philips Velo 500 handheld computer had hinges. And unfortunately, my notebooks have. No.
  • There is just no way I will get a foldable smart phone. If the industry goes this way 100% I will just get a basic flip phone and call it a day.
  • "While nobody seems to know when we will actually see a foldable iPhone, the smart money seems to be on a wait of another year or two before we will see a bendy phone with an Apple logo on it." Really Oliver? Apple took their app ecosytem and iOS in a direction that is completely NOT CONDUCIVE towards foldables, especially 2 in 1 foldables like the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Oppo Find N, and a few other 2 in 1 smartphone/tablet type devices, those types of foldables will NEVER happen from Apple. As a developer it is very easy to see. Think how Apple from day one, has encouraged their developers to create separate iPhone apps, and separate iPad apps. Plus Apple further put a nail in it, by separating iOS, so there is iOS for iPhones, and iPadOS for iPads. Google and Android did the exact opposite to what Apple did, and its why Android has foldable devices today, and even supports 2 in 1 foldables like the Galaxy Z Fold 3, and others. Even Android 12L has added in better and more support for foldables, especially when a user switches (folds and unfolds) from smartphone mode to tablet mode, on the fly. All of which is IMPOSSIBLE with Apples app ecosystem, and iOS. Think Oliver, how would a 2 in 1 foldable work? Which iOS app version would a user install on a iFoldable device? Remember there is two of the same apps on Apples app ecosystem (iPhone version, and a iPad version). Apple claims they now have over 500,000 iPad apps, and there is another roughly the same amount of same version iPhone apps. Sure there is a lot more iPhone specific apps, but I am talking about where a developer took the time to create two different versions of the same app to create an iPhone app version, and a iPad app version. As of today you can only install one of those versions on a iOS device. If you have an iPad, then the iPad app version is installed, and if you have an iPhone, then the iPhone app version will be installed on that device. Therefore Oliver if you want to see Apple with a foldable like the Galaxy Z Fold 3, then you will NEVER see that type of foldable device from Apple, period. Now with that said I can see Apple creating a Moto Razr, or Galaxy Z Flip 3 type foldables, because those devices always stay as a smartphone, and in Apples case their foldable would always stay as an iPhone. It doesn't matter if it is folded up or unfolded, it is still a smartphone, or in Apples case an iPhone. Apple will still have problems with apps in this devices folded up state, and if Apple is going to have a smaller outside screen, like the Razr, or Flip type devices. All of Apples current apps don't use any small outside display, and those iPhone apps were not designed with scaling in mind. Android has that in mind since day one, and its another reason why we see two major types of foldable devices in the Android camp. Android is alone in the foldables category of devices.
  • "Now with that said I can see Apple creating a Moto Razr, or Galaxy Z Flip 3 type foldables," Isn't that what I'm looking at in the picture?
  • That concept render makes it look like Apple will figure out how to make the iPhone 1/2 to 2/3 as thick as it is today. No one but MS has made that happen, and they did it by having two screens, not a folding one. Apparently they also figure out how to compress the cameras into one third their current depth. While a periscope concept might help with that, it takes away internal real estate they wouls already be short of due to the thin-ness. Photoshop is easy, compared to engineering.
  • I'm open to all things new, but adding a step for me to use my phone, as opening it to access the home screen would appear to do, doesn't seem a step forward. But let's see what they have and then I'll decide.
  • Many others have already said it, but it bears saying many times, lol. There will NOT be a foldable iPhone. What the tech sites never seem to mention is that there is actually ZERO evidence that Apple is planning or working on a foldable iPhone. Foldable devices make sense in some categories but iPhone is not in any of those categories. Apple is indeed "investigating" foldable DEVICES, but this does NOT mean that Apple is going to make a foldable iPhone. As a design proposition, a foldable iPhone is a just a very poor idea in every way. It solves no design problems and serves no purpose to the end user despite being feindishly difficult to create. Also, outside of the tech-bros that frequent pages like this, NO ONE actually wants a foldable iPhone. The market for such a product doesn't really exist. (look it up, it's true) Anyone with a bit of imagination (although I've yet to see anything mentioned about it on sites like this), could conceive of a foldable device that actually makes sense. A foldable device that has a reason to exist A foldable device that consumers actually want. But a foldable iPhone is not it.