Supposed images of iPhone 11 silicone case hint at slightly tweaked design

iPhone XS Max Smart Battery Case in white
iPhone XS Max Smart Battery Case in white (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Supposed image of Apple's iPhone 11 silicone case suggest a slightly altered design.
  • The image suggests Apple is moving the logo on the back of its cases to the center, as apposed to closer to the top as past cases.
  • The new placement takes into account the bigger iPhone 11 cut-out.

The biggest change Apple is expected to make with the iPhone 11 is the new triple-camera system. While the camera has been a topic of conversation, we're starting to hear how it'll affect the phone's design.

First spotted by 9to5Mac, photos posted by noted leaker Slashleaks show off what the new iPhone 11 silicone cases look like. On the whole, they are very reminiscent of past iPhone silicone cases. However, the image shows that Apple did need to tweak one thing to make room for the slightly bigger camera cut-out and that is the logo.

The logo on Apple's current leather and silicone cases resides closer to the top of the case, but given the camera cut-out is going to be much bigger with the iPhone 11, the image suggests that the logo will be moved to a perfect center location that is more symmetrical. This would also match the logo placement that Apple offers for its battery case (as seen above).

The image is not confirmed to be real, and could, in fact, be fake. That being said, the design change sounds like something Apple would do. Apple pays very close attention to even the smallest detail, such as lining up the microphone, speaker, Lightning port and even the screws on the bottom of the iPhone. Doing the same with the iPhone 11 case for a more symmetrical finish would be par for the course.

But as we noted, the image is not confirmed to be real. It does seem rather odd for Apple's iPhone 11 silicone cases to be on display for anyone to see. Don't take what they offer to the bank just yet. We'll find out if Apple does slightly tweak the design of its cases when the iPhone 11 is announced in September.

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