Practice your artistic strokes with new Surface Pressure feature in Paper for iPad

Surface Pressure is a new feature now available in popular drawing app Paper by FiftyThree. If you installed iOS 8 on your iPad you're going to want to grab your Pencil from FiftyThree and try out the new pressure sensing abilities.

Pencil is a stylus for the iPad from company FiftyThree. It works with their app Paper and today's update makes it even better. A new feature in the app called Surface Pressure allows you to use the tip for fine details or the angled edge for broad strokes. Surface Pressure is currently enalbed in Draw, Outline and Color and will come soon to the Sketch tool.

All you need is iOS 8 to take advantage of this new feature. Pair your Pencil with Paper and you're good to go!

Source: FiftyThree

Sam Sabri