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Apple Design Awards

And the 2017 Apple Design Award winners are...

This year Apple decided to ADA different. Here's why and who won!

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Here are the winners of the 2016 Apple Design Awards

At WWDC 2016, Apple showcased the iOS and Mac apps that “set a benchmark for excellence" when it comes to "usability, excellence in design, excellence in innovation, and excellence in technology adoption." Here are the winners of the 2016 Apple Design Awards.

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Apple's 2015 Design Award winners include Vainglory, Fantastical 2, and more!

Apple has announced its annual Design Award winners for Mac and iOS apps, including a couple of entries by Apple's WWDC scholarship winners.

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Cinemagraph Pro gets 87% price cut to celebrate Apple Design Award

Cinemagraph Pro, an app for Mac that helps you create moving photo images from short videos like you might find in things like online ads, being heavily discounted after it's recent Apple Design Awards win. Normally $200, Cinemagraph Pro will be available on the Mac App Store for $24.99 for the rest of WWDC, a discount of over 87%%.

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Apple Design Award 2014 winners: Monument Valley, Sky Guide, Threes and more!

Apple on Monday afternoon announced the winners of its annual Apple Design Awards (ADAs), applications for iOS and OS X that "raise the bar in design, technology and innovation." The awards were given out at WWDC 2014. This year's group of ADA winners includes popular games Threes and Monument Valley, the astronomy app Night Sky, journal app Day One and others. In total, twelve apps were inducted into the ADAs, including two student winners.

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2014 Apple Design Award winners announced

In an event at WWDC 2014 this evening Apple took to the stage and announced the 2014 Apple Design Award winners. Some familiar (and favorite) names are there, and all of the apps truly do "raise the bar in design, technology, and innovation." The winners (listed below) will receive the devices they need to continue building the best of the best for the Apple ecosystem.

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Apple Design Awards announced, Letterpress and Yahoo! Weather among the winners

Apple's annual Design Award winners for iOS and Mac have been announced at WWDC 2013, and among those recognised this year are some favorites of our own. Loren Brichter's atebits has won the award for the fantastic Letterpress, and the simply gorgeous Yahoo! Weather is also on the list. The full rundown of winners reads as:

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Games, platform exclusives, clever in-app purchases, delightful animations, and other lessons from the 2012 Apple Desi

he 2012 Apple Design Awards were interesting because of the fantastic apps that got the exposure and recognition of an ADA. They were also interesting in what they revealed about Apple priorities and predilections when it came to the award selections.

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Apple announces 2012 design award winners

At WWDC 2012, Apple held an event where they announced the winners of the Apple Design Awards. Each winner won a special ADA winner lanyard, a MacBook Air, a new iPad, an iPod touch, and an ADA trophy. Developers were were awarded from the following categories: Student, Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

So without further adieu, here are the winners!

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Apple Design Award winning iPhone and iPad apps from WWDC 2010

This year's WWDC 2010 Apple Design Awards were a decidedly iPhone and iPad-centric affair, yet the winners still manage to run an amazing gamut from fun to foodie, creative to informative. Without further ado, here are the ADA.

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