Nomad Leather Apple AccessoriesSource: Nomad

What you need to know

  • Nomad is now offering a leather cover for the new Apple MagSafe Battery Pack.
  • The cover will sell for $34.95, but those pre-ordering save $5.

Covers are set to ship in November.

Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack is now available for people to buy — and it's getting the Nomad treatment. The accessory maker is now offering a leather cover for the battery pack, available in both black and brown colors.

The new cover matches Nomad's other leather accessories perfectly and turns that slab of white plastic into something that looks much more stylish. The cover fits the battery pack perfectly thanks to built-in microsuction tape.

Leather Cover for MagSafe Battery Pack provides an additional layer of protection to your MagSafe Battery Pack, with a rigid polycarbonate frame and soft microfiber interior. Easily mount Leather Cover for MagSafe Battery Pack with its built-in microsuction tape and form fitting shape.

The new leather cover is available for pre-order now, with those who get their orders in now benefiting from a $5 saving. The cover will sell for $34.95 post-launch, so everyone pre-ordering will pay just $29.95. Admittedly that's about the same price you'd expect to pay for a whole MagSafe Charger, but still — there's no denying this cover looks pretty great.

Still not convinced about the MagSafe Battery Pack, even with a leather cover? The Anker PowerCore Magnetif 5K could be a viable option instead. It's cheaper, rubberized, and features USB-C charging. It has a bigger battery capacity, too.

Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack has only been on sale for a couple of days but it's already been ripped apart. It turns out there's quite a lot going on inside that little thing.