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Bluetooth 4.0

Yosemite's Continuity features: Handoff and the price of progress

Since Apple released OS X Yosemite, I've gotten one question that's bubbled to the top above everything else: How can I get my older Mac to support Handoff features? You can't, at least not easily, and that's leading some to trumpet "forced obsolescence." Not so fast. Let's have a look at what's really going on here.

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How to tell if your Mac has Bluetooth 4.0 (BT LE)

Some features coming to iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite are dependent on Bluetooth 4.0. Does your Mac have what it takes?

There are a lot of cool features coming to iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite this fall. One of the most hotly anticipated is Handoff, which enables you to pick up where you left off in an email, a document and other work between iOS and OS X devices. Handoff is elegantly choreographed dance between devices, operating systems and protocols. It's partly dependent on Bluetooth 4.0, the most recent widespread deployment of the popular short-distance wireless communication protocol, which includes Bluetooth Low Energy (BT LE). So, how can you tell if your Mac is properly equipped to take advantage of it?

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CalypsoTag your luggage, find out where it is with your iPhone

Sick of that scrum that always forms around the luggage carousel at the airport? Just stand back and wait for your luggage to come to you with CalypsoCrystal's new CalypsoTag.

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Golem Arcana promises to reinvent tabletop gaming via iPad

Harebrained Schemes is the indie software developer that recently brought Shadowrun Returns to life. For the company's next major effort, they're going back to Kickstarter to raise money for a new game called Golem Arcana. Golem Arcana uses the iPad and a Bluetooth stylus to enhance the tabletop gaming experience.

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Ten One Design shows off the Pogo Connect Bluetooth 4.0 pressure-sensitive stylus

Ten One Design released their Pogo Connect Bluetooth 4.0 pressure sensitive stylus before CES 2013 -- and we have a full review on the way -- but they still showed up to show it off at the show. (Isn't English fun?)

Thanks to BT 4.0's low energy requirement and fast connection ability, the Pogo Connect gets found and setup by apps that support it nearly instantly, and a single battery can power it through weeks and weeks of stylus fun.

So, rather than build in a digitizer like Samsung did with the Galaxy Note series or Wacom does with their device, Apple has left the iPhone minimal for those who don't need more, and let smart people make smart accessories for those that do. Pressure sensitivity gets offloaded from the tablet to the stylus.

As an artist, and someone who used Wacom for a long time in the design world, I'm all over this. Anyone else?

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Bluetooth 4.0 device pairing rumored for iOS 6, 8-pins for new Dock connector

Apple is rumored to be working on a way to pass data between iOS devices over BlueTooth 4.0, allowing everything from notifications to communications to be seamlessly transferred from iPhone to iPad, or theoretically even an iPod nano watch... This type of connectivity has been dreamed of/speculated about for over a year, but now iLounge's Jeremy Horowitz says it could be planned for as early as iOS 6 this fall.

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The new iPad and Bluetooth 4.0: "Smart Ready" for even better wireless accessories

One quiet little addition to the new iPad is Bluetooth 4.0, complete with a little something called "Smart Ready". What does that mean, exactly? For one, it's lower-energy than the last iteration, which is always good news.

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What's Bluetooth? [iOS A-Z)

If you're new to iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and are wondering just what exactly Bluetooth is and what it means to you, worry not -- iMore has you covered. Bluetooth is an open standard wireless communications protocol, which just means that it's a commonly available way for devices to talk to each other, and to other electronics, without having to be plugged in together. The most common things iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users do with Bluetooth include connecting to headsets and speakers.

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Never lose your car again with Find My Car Smart Kickstarter project

A new Kickstarter project from FMC Smart aims to make sure your iPhone never lets you forget where you've parked again!

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Apple arming Made For iPhone accessory makers with new Bluetooth authentication protocol

Japanese news site Macotakara (translated) reported last week that Apple has supplied Made For iPhone accessory makers with a new authentication chip using Bluetooth 4.0 and the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, making it easier to setup and authenticate devices for use over the dock connector and Bluetooth with a specific push for fitness and health-related apps.

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