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Gmail: Everything you need to know!

If you've ever considered switching to Gmail for your email needs, here's everything you need to know!

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Google overhauls the iOS Gmail app for the first time in nearly four years

The Gmail and Google Calendar apps for iPhone weren't that great before. Google's hoping a complete Gmail overhaul and some new Calendar features will change all that.

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Millions of Gmail accounts said to be impacted by data breach

A data breach has reportedly seen the theft of the login credentials for millions of email accounts, including Gmail.

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You can now use your Gmail account within Yahoo Mail

Yahoo has announced support for Gmail within its Mail app, allowing you to use your Gmail account from within Yahoo Mail.

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Triggerfox 3.0 rolls your social networks into one app, highlights the important stuff

Between Facebook and email and Twitter and everything else, it can be hard to keep track of what's going on with your contacts — and that's what Triggerfox aims to fix.

Just updated to version 3.0, Triggerfox pulls in your streams from a variety of sources and lets you set which users you really want to get news about.

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Some users experiencing issues using Gmail over IMAP, Google working to fix

A large set of Gmail users are experiencing a service disruption when using the service with an IMAP mail client.

Google is aware of the problem and is working on a fix. The issues seem to only be affecting those using Gmail with an IMAP mail client, and results in error messages and other problems.

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Gmail for iPhone and iPad gets actionable notifications and a share extension

Gmail for iPhone and iPad has been updated to version 4.0, bringing support for taking action on notifications, as well as a share extension.

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Best mail apps for iPhone

What mail app do you use on iPhone?

Apple has built Mail right into the iPhone, with universal inbox, multiple draft support, gesture actions, and more. Yet the App Store is home to many other email apps as well, some focused on a particular service, others on workflows like "inbox zero". Which is the best iPhone app for you use depends as much on personality as feature set.

If you're still looking to supercharge your email, check out the list we've compiled. And when you choose — or if you've already chosen — let us know which one you went with in the poll!

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Gmail service sees partial restoration in China

It appears that Gmail service has been partially restored in China. It was reported yesterday that the Chinese government was blocking access to the service through third-party apps, while the Gmail website has been blocked for years. While many are reporting that service has been restored, others are still experiencing delays or outages.

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China blocks access to Gmail through apps

Access to the Gmail website has been blocked for some time in China, but now the Chinese government is also blocking access to Gmail through apps. The block affects not just the official Gmail apps, but also accessing Gmail through third-party apps.

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