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How to keep Mac email from giving away info to spammers

How your Mail app is set to load remote content can give e-mail scammers valuable information about you.

A setting in Apple's Mail app for OS X that makes it more convenient to view your emails may also be telling scammers that you're reading your emails. To make your Mac more secure from potential threats, you can disable the remote content loading function. Follow along and we'll walk you through how!

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How to clean up your Mac's Bluetooth menu

Is your Mac's Bluetooth menu a mess of devices you no longer use? You can clean it up almost instantly!

Bluetooth makes it easy to connect external devices like speakers, mice, keyboards, even printers and other computers. If your Bluetooth menu is a mess and you'd like to clean it up, here's an easy way.

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How to get gigabytes back from Steam

Have you used Valve's popular Steam service to install and play games on your Mac?

If so, you may be wasting a lot of hard drive space. Steam makes it easy to download and play great Mac games. Steam hides your downloaded games, though, which makes it easy to waste dozens or hundreds of GB of hard drive space. Here's how to reclaim it.

J.R. writes:

I just ran DaisyDisk on my Mac and discovered that I have more than 100 GB of files dedicated to Steam. I don't play most of those games. Can I just delete them?

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Can't update Office 2011 on your Mac? Here's the fix!

A change to the previous version of Microsoft's AutoUpdate utility caused updates to break in Office 2011 for OS X. A fix is ready for download.

AutoUpdate 3.0.5 was installed with the last Office update a few days ago. Microsoft has backed off from the mess it made with a new version of AutoUpdate you can download now. The problem only happens if you're using both the Office 2016 preview Microsoft has posted as well as Office 2011.

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Hearthstone: Ten tips, hints, and tricks to building a killer deck

Hearthstone is now available for iPad and iPhone. Here are some starter tips for building a great deck!

Blizzard's Hearthstone has quietly — or perhaps not so quietly — taken the gaming world by storm. The free-to-play title combines everything great about skill-based card games with gameplay as addicting as the company's MMOs, and it's been a blast to get acquainted with.

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Is OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 safe to install?

OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 was released last week. Should you install it?

That's the question posed to me in this week's Mac Help. It seems my previous warnings about not rushing into major operating system updates have created anxiety about any operating system update, even the relatively minor ones, for some long-time iMore readers. That includes last week's OS X Yosemite point release of 10.10.3.

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How to update Flash on your Mac (if it's already installed)

If you get a message to update Adobe Flash on your Mac, use this quick tip to make sure you have the latest version installed.

Adobe periodically updates its Flash software with new features and security updates. If you get a message saying Flash is out of date, there's an easy way to tell if you need to update it.

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How to import images and folders into Photos for Mac

If you've collected images you'd like to manage with Photos for Mac, there are a few ways to go about importing them. Here's how!

Photos gives you pretty comprehensive image management features: You can edit and adjust your images, sort them into albums and more. That's great for photos you've shot on your iPhone, with a DSLR or a point and click camera.

But if you've collected imagery over the years from other sources, those pictures may be floating free on your desktop or in folders on your Mac, accessible from the Finder. Here's how to get them all into Photos for Mac.

Why would you bother to do that? There are a few good reasons.

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How to import your Aperture library into Photos for OS X

If you're moving from Aperture to Photos for OS X, the first thing you'll need to do is import your library.

Apple's pulling the plug on future Aperture development. It still works with OS X Yosemite, but Photos for OS X is the future. Luckily, importing your existing Aperture library is easy. You can either do it during initial setup and make it your main Photos library, or you can import it at any time and make it an additional library. Once you've imported your library into Photos, you can still use the old version in Aperture. They won't stay in sync from that point on, but they will both remain accessible to their respective apps.

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How to order prints in Photos for Mac

Gathering, editing, and cataloging the many great photos we take is one thing. Getting professional-quality prints to hold in our hands is something else entirely.

Photos for Mac is equally good at both tasks: you can use it to quickly sort through the hundreds or thousands of photos you've taken to find the best ones and the ones that mean the most to you!

Then, instead of printing them yourself on an inkjet at home, or fussing with a photo printing service on a website, you can order real, high-quality prints in a range of sizes, right from Photos on your Mac.

Here's how to do it!

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