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Find My Friends pops up on iCloud.com

Apple has added a web version of its Find My Friends app to its iCloud website, allowing you to find your friends without the use of an iPhone or iPad.

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iCloud.com now lets you recover deleted files, contacts, and calendars

Apple has added new capabilities to iCloud.com, letting users find and restore deleted files, as well as older, archived versions of their contact and calendar lists.

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Redesigned iCloud.com site goes live with iOS 7 inspiration

After having been in beta for the past little while, the newly redesigned iCloud.com website has gone live ahead of the iOS 7 launch. Anyone logging into it for the first time will instantly notice the redesign itself takes a lot of its inspiration from iOS 7, creating a simpler and more refined user interface.

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What would you like to see Apple add to iCloud.com next?

What would you like Apple to add to iCloud.com next?

Though still in beta, Apple has expanded their iCloud.com offering to include the iWork suite of apps for the first time. But, what other services would you like to see Apple bring to iCloud.com? There's so much potential for web based products, with a number of competing service providers already offering a wide variety of products, but many of Apple's offerings still rely upon native applications for OS X and Windows.

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Notes, Reminders, and banner notifications now live on iCloud.com

iOS-style Notes, Reminders, and banner notifications are now live... IN SPACE! Well, sort of. The web app versions are now out of beta and available to one and all via iCloud.com. Even though Notes, Reminders, and Notification Center are all available already on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Mac, it's nice to have iCloud.com as a backup option.

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iCloud.com development site reveals Notes and Reminders web apps

Earlier today a beta version of iCloud.com accidentally leaked 2 new web apps, Notes and Reminders, presumably coming to iCloud web-portal. These apps make perfect sense to be on iCloud.com, as they already sync over iCloud across iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices, and Apple has added them as apps to the upcoming OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

The Reminders and Notes web apps weren't functional, nor was the login, and Apple quickly pulled the developer site offline. In other words, we weren't supposed to see this yet.

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Apple testing Notification Center-style banner alerts on iCloud.com

Apple appears to be in the early -- yet strangely public -- stages of testing Notification Center-style banner alerts on iCloud.com, the web portal they provide for remote email, calendar, and contact access.

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iCloud.com goes live for everyone

Apple has flipped the giant switch in their giant data center and taken the beta tags off iCloud.com, the web front end for their new sync store/push system. Head on over, enter your Apple ID, and free Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Find my iPhone, and iWork documents in the cloud, can be yours.

Sure, people have been sneaking in and checking it out for a while now, but with the wrapper officially off, no doubt more will come in for the tour.

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iCloud.com, iWork for iOS 5 beta apps go live

iCloud.com is now live... if you have an Apple ID that works with iCloud. Here's the thing -- it's meant for developers right now, and Apple IDs are still fragmented to the extent that for some people, iCloud might not be too useful yet.

For example, you may try to login with your MobileMe ID and be told it hasn't been migrated to iCloud yet. You might try to login with your iTunes ID and then, once you're in, be told you need a MobileMe address to access Mail. You can set up a new, free iCloud ID, but then all of the content you have connected to your existing Apple ID(s) won't be there.

So, yeah, meant for developers. Still, it's nice to see it up and running, and get a preview of the design (which we're guessing is a fairly straight front-end port of the SproutCore web app code from Me.com, now running on the all new iCloud backend.)

Current web apps available include Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Find my iPhone, and the new Documents, which currently offers Apple's iWork formats for Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. (The last three of which require the new iWork for iOS beta apps, downloadable via Apple's developer site.)

Gone are iDisk and Gallery. iCloud is no doubt an attempt to abstract away the file system-like behavior for the former, but will a web front end for PhotoStream be made available to replace the latter?

Meanwhile, on iPhone you just get a placeholder card, nicely rendered, and the ability to get more information and a link to the developer beta.

Gallery of screenshots after the break.

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