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Ios 4.2

Reeder for iPad updated, adds Facebook support

Reeder for iPad, which syncs with your Google Reader account and pulls in all your RSS feeds in the blink of an eye, had been updated to version 1.2 and now has added support for posting to Facebook and Zootool. Once iOS 4.2 drops (soon please) Reeder will work in the background using the task completion process, allowing you to leave the app and do other things while the sync occurs in the background.

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iPad live podcast #30: Delayed-ish

Rene and Chad discuss iOS 4.2 going Gold Master -- again! Ping goes Twitter, iPad goes Android (Jailbreak!), Verizon makes an iPad ad, and iBooks vs. Kindle. This is iPad live!

Want to join us as a special guest on an upcoming iPad live? Enter our So You Think You Can Podcast contest now!

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Regarding iOS 4.2, delays, and why this is how it's supposed to work

Apple never announced a public release date for iOS 4.2 other than "November". Rumors suggested that last Friday, November 12 would be the big day. The Gold Master (GM) had been released over a week before, Mac OS X 10.6.5 showed up last Wednesday, iOS 4.2 compatible apps began populating the App Store, and signs pointed to iTunes 10.1 arriving any minute as well. (It did, last Friday).

But no iOS 4.2.

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iOS 4.2 features: Ping for iPad

Timed to coincide with the release of iTunes 10.1 and iOS 4.2, Ping has come to the iPad... Of course, if you're still running iOS 3.2.x on your iPad, you'll get it as well. (iTunes Store app is basically a thin client for all the web data stored on the cloud so it's easy for Apple to update it on the backend -- no software update needed).

Anyway, if you're used to using Ping on iPhone or iPod touch, there are no surprises here. It's just bigger. Much bigger. There are the same three tabs: activities, people, and profiles. You can comment on what's been posted (even by you), but otherwise it's... for good or ill it's Ping. And if you've enabled the new Twitter integration, it'll auto-tweet every song you like.

If you've tried it out, let us know what you think. For more, check out our complete iOS 4.2 for iPad walkthrough.

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iOS 4.2 pushed back to November 24th?

According to sources close to Apple, the release of iOS 4.2 for iPhone and iPad has been delayed until November 24th. The Telegraph reports:

But a source that works closely with Apple said that the company had shelved its original plan to release the software update today, and had instead pushed back the launch until later this month.

Although this isn't technically a delay (Apple officially announced that iOS 4.2 will be released sometime in November), it was thought that Apple might have been planning to release iOS 4.2 today.

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Apple releases new iOS 4.2 GM seed for iPad to Developers

Apple has just released a second GM build of iOS 4.2 for iPad to developers. There's been several reports of wi-fi issues on the iPad under iOS 4.2 and it looks like this should address them. There were also rumors of iOS 4.2 being delayed due to the iPad issues.

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Ninja tip: How to re-enable network AirPrint on Mac

Using the release version of Mac OS X 10.6.5 and curious how to re-enable network AirPrint for your iPhone or iPad? Apple seems to have us in limbo as to whether or not this feature will actually work when the final version of iOS 4.2 ships, but if you have the current iOS 4.2 GM software and aren't afraid to get your geek on, you can get it working now. Follow on after the break to find out how...

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iPhone 3G: AirPlay not included?

The iOS 4.2 GM build seems to missing something -- AirPlay support for iPhone 3G. As we all know, iPhone 3G is already missing several iOS 4 features, and wasn't scheduled to get AirPrint either. Apple has said in the past 2008 hardware just wasn't able to keep up. However, AirPlay was alive and well on iPhone 3G throughout iOS 4.2 betas and Apple's very own website claimed that AirPlay would work for every iOS 4 device, which would include the iPhone 3G.

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iOS 4.2 coming next Tuesday, November 16? Delayed?

There are a couple stories floating around the web tonight involving iOS 4.2 and it's release date, with the usually reliable iPhoneHellas saying simply that it will arrive next Tuesday, November 16, and MacStories adding that it's actually been pushed back to the 16th due to iPad Wi-Fi bugs and a new GM candidate will proceed it.

For their part Apple has only ever said "November" when it comes to the iOS 4.2 release schedule.

Could next Tuesday be the day? If so, was it always scheduled to be the day or is it really a delay?

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iOS 4.2 for iPad in 10 minutes [video]

Apple is set to release the long -- long! -- awaited iOS 4.2 for iPad any day now and the video above has everything you need to know about it in just 10 minutes. We're talking AirPrint, AirPlay, multitasking, folders, Game Center, unified inbox and threaded email, Find in Safari page, and much, much, more.

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