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Ios 4.2

iPhone live podcast 123: The Golden Master

We're talking iOS 4.2 going Gold Master, alarm bugs, Apple passing RIM, iPhone going Near-Field, and Facebook updates and Flash-friendly Skyfire browsers hit the App Store. This is iPhone live!

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iOS 4.2 features: Volume slider widget for iPhone and iPod touch

iOS 4.2 GM brings a volume slider widget to the iPhone and iPod touch, just like beta 1 did for iPad. Since iPhone and iPod touch have a no landscape view for home screen, and much narrower screen real estate in general, the volume slider isn't next to the other widgets like it is on iPad, and there's no brightness slider to go with it, but here's what you do get:

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Jailbreak on iOS 4.2 will be untethered. Possible delay due to Cydia compatibility.

Comex has announced on his Twitter feed that iOS 4.2 will be an untethered jailbreak. While current devices can be exploited and jailbroken for their lifespan without the possibility of a patch, the ability of the jailbreak being untethered was still at issue.

An untethered jailbreak differs from a tethered jailbreak in that a tethered jailbreak must be connected with a computer after each and every reboot of the device. Comex has developed userland exploits for Star, Limera1n, and Greenpois0n, keeping them all untethered.

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Apple advises developers to submit their iOS 4.2 apps

Right after releasing iOS 4.2 GM, Apple has begun emailing developers and advising them to submit their updates for the iTunes App Store.

iOS 4.2 SDK GM seed and iOS 4.2 GM seed are now available from the iOS Dev Center. Build, test, and compile your apps with these new releases and submit them for review so they can be ready when iOS 4.2 is available to iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users.

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iOS 4.2 GM for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad released to developers

Now we know why Apple didn't release an updated iOS 4.2 beta for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad last week -- they just released the GM (Gold Master) for developers. This is the typically the final version given to developers ahead of time so they can test it on their apps and make sure everything is working before the release goes public.

No word yet on what if any changes or new features might have snuck into this iOS 4.2 build, but if you come across any let us know in comments or drop us a line.

Check out our complete iOS 4.2 beta walkthrough for the features so far.

UPDATE: AirPlay is still audio-only to Apple TV. Maybe iOS 4.2 for Apple TV will be required to enable that? There's a new AirPlay icon, however, and the multitasking dock has even more functionality than before. Pics after the break!

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It's November, when will iOS 4.2 arrive?

When in November will Apple release iOS 4.2?customer surveys

It's now officially November, the month when Apple and Steve Jobs said iOS 4.2 for iPad and iPhone would arrive. But just exactly when in November will they get here? This week? Next week? Week after? November 30, 11:59pm Cupertino Time?

Should the take their time to get it right, or should they get it our right now? Vote in the poll above and give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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iOS 4.2 for iPad already Jailbroken

It looks like hackers have had their hands on the iOS 4.2 beta 3 for iPad long enough to jailbreak it. Last night, well-known iOS hacker @iH8sn0w tweeted a picture of an iPad running MobileTerminal, a jailbreak app giving the user full access to the terminal command line interface. From iH8sn0w:

Yay! iPad 4.2 b3 jailbroken -- Weird that MobileTerminal runs in simulator

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iPad live #26: Six months later

iPad 6 months later. Plus iOS 4.2 beta 3, Apple's Back to the Mac event, AT&T and Verizon a go, and Costco a giant NO! We're eating into netbooks folks... this is iPad live!

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iOS 4.2 beta 3 in 5 minutes - everything you need to know [video]

Apple's just-released iOS 4.2 beta 3 doesn't seem to be packing too many surprises yet. But while developers and code-ninja alike do their deep diving, we'll take a look at the obvious changes, including new text tones for iPhone (though still no custom tones, sorry!), new wallpaper for iPad, and some new restrictions in the settings.

For more, check out our complete iOS 4.2 beta walkthrough, and if you notice anything we missed, let us know!

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Apple releases iOS 4.2 beta 3 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch for developers

Like clockwork Apple has released iOS 4.2 beta 3 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad for developers, along with the requisite SDK and iTunes 10.1 beta 2.

As always, this is pre-release software meant for developers to test their applications and Apple warns it might prove too buggy or unstable for daily use on your main device. If you don't need it, wait for the general release.

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