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Sir Jonathan Ive receives the coveted gold Blue Peter badge

Sir Jonathan Ive has been honored by well-known UK BBC TV show Blue Peter. Apple’s design chief Sir Jonathan Ive has been awarded a gold Blue Peter badge in recognition of him being an inspiration to children around the world. Blue Peter started its life in the 1950’s and is still as popular with today’s children due to its wide ranging content and mix of arts and craft demonstrations.

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Iterate 32: The future of Apple design

Marc, Dave, and Rene talk Scott Forstall's departure from Apple and Jonathan Ive's new roll as head of Human Interface, and what it means for OS X and iOS, and for Apple's influence on interface design in general. Also, some talk on Apple TV, iPad 4, and what comes next.

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Good design is inevitable. It's determined. It's relentless. Each iteration builds on the one before, becoming better and better each time. The work of Jonathan Ive, Apple Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, is a near-perfect example of this. So is the iPhone 5.

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It's not about HTML5 or skeuomorphism, it's about usability

There were a couple of interesting comments on user interface today, one coming from Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, who acknowledged they bet wrong on HTML5, and the other from unnamed sources who suggest Apple is deeply split along Scot Forstall vs Jonathan Ive lines when it comes to skeuomorphic vs more digitally authentic design.

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Apple’s goal is not to make money but to make good products according to Jonathan Ive

Jonathan Ive believes that Apple’s goal is not to make money but to make good products. Ive, who is Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, was speaking at the British Embassy's Creative Summit. According to Wired UK., Ive said:

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Jonathan Ive says Apple's designs are inevitable, and his best and most important is yet to come

Jonathan Ive, known as Jony, is Apple's Senior Vice President of Design and the man responsible for turning Steve Jobs' iMac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad into real, physical objects with just exactly the right feel, in perfectly the right color.

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Jonathan Ive: Apple's goal is to design and make better products

Apple's Senior Vice President of Design, Jony Ive is the man who put form to everything from the iMac to the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. He's given a rare interview to the Evening Standard where he comments on everything from his recent knighthood to Apple's conceptual process.

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Apple SVP of Design Jonathan Ive gets official knighthood

Apple Senior Vice President of Design, Jonathan Ive has been made a Knight Commander of the British Empire (KBE), in recognition of his work at Apple and contributions to the industry.

He described the honour as "absolutely thrilling" and said he was "both humbled and sincerely grateful".

Mr Ive added: "I am keenly aware that I benefit from a wonderful tradition in the UK of designing and making.

"I discovered at an early age that all I've ever wanted to do is design."

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Is LiquidMetal all about the manufacturing process for Apple?

Cult of Mac has an interesting post up that shows some of the truly spectacular LiquidMetal injection moulding and manufacturing processes that will let Apple make stronger, better, faster unibodies, antennas, and pretty much everything else. Here are some choice quotes:

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Jonathan Ive discusses iPhone 4 design

Core77 spoke with Apple Senior Vice-President of Design, Jonathan Ive, about iPhone 4's including the Retina Display, custom stainless steel antenna array, aluminosilicate glass front and back, and even the microSIM tray.

"A big part of the experience of a physical object has to do with the materials. [At Apple] we experiment with and explore materials, processing them, learning about the inherent properties of the material--and the process of transforming it from raw material to finished product; for example, understanding exactly how the processes of machining it or grinding it affect it. That understanding, that preoccupation with the materials and processes, is [very] essential to the way we work."

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