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Regarding the iPhone HD/iPhone 4G design

Based on everything we've seen to date, debate about what Engadget showed glimpses of on Sunday and Gizmodo went hands-on with on Monday is over -- it's a next-generation Apple iPhone HD (iPhone 4G). It might not be final hardware, but with the public unveiling expected to be in WWDC this June and the shipping date soon thereafter, it's close.

We'll go over the purported specs in a post to follow, but right now we're going to concentrate on the design. Some are complaining it doesn't look Apple-like, doesn't look like something that came out of the Star Trek-style labs of Apple SVP of design, Jonathan Ive. We thought so too at first, when all we had to go on were the pics of the initial post. We thought it looked like a Japanese knock-off. We were wrong. The pictures posted from the hands-on today were much clearer and they show lines that are much cleaner and a design much more in harmony with the other major releases Apple's done recently -- unibody MacBook Pro, 2009 iMac, 2010 iPad. Sure, they typically have subtle curves along one large surface -- back of the iMac, rear of the iPad, and this iPhone HD looks flat as a pancake, but the language is unmistakable. Mostly.

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Time Magazine Cover Story: Steve Jobs, Apple, and iPad

Time Magazine has given their April 12, 2010 cover to Steve Jobs, and features a massive interview of Apple's CEO alongside design SVP Jonathan Ive, marketing SVP Phil Schiller, and internet (iTunes, MobileMe, App Store) SVP Eddy Cue by none other than Stephen Fry. (He also talks to publishers, educators, developers, and more).

Fry meeting with Steve Jobs:

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iPhone Designer Jony Ive "Objectified"

Apple VP of Industrial Design, Jonathan Ive discusses the philosophy behind everything from the iPhone to the iMac for the documentary Objectified and, quite frankly, shows why he's the best there is at what he does, and why what he does is oh, so nice.

Watch the video. Especially if you're designing for Apple's competition. Please.

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Birthplace of the iPhone: Rare Glimpse of Apple Design Studio

While conducting a follow-up interview for the upcoming documentary, Objectified, the film makers were able to catch not only a rare glimpse inside Apple's design guru Jony Ive's studio, but managed to snap an almost unheard of picture of the man himself at work. (via Daring Fireball)

This is where the iPhone was designed and prototyped, people. We're talking unicorns being born or Norse dwarves forging Uru hammers or something...

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iPhone Wins International Design Excellence Awards

Jonathan Ive, me thinks you're going to need a bigger mantle, what with all the awards Apple's VP of Design keeps taking home!

This time it's the IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards) handed out by BusinessWeek. In addition to the Gold prize for the original iPhone 2G, Apple also received Gold IDEA's for the MacBook Air and Bluetooth Keyboard, and a Silver for the redesigned iMac. These four -- the most of any company this year -- brings Apple's lifetime IDEA total to 13.



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iPhone Wins -- Again! Ive Takes Home MDA Design Award

At the rate Apple's Vice President of Design keeps winning awards for the iPhone, he's going to need a bigger mantle! Last time it was the unprecedented (and continued!) domination of the uber-elite Black Pencil, now it's the Mobile Data Association 2008 MDA Personal Achievement Award.

Said the judges of Ive's iPhone design:

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Interview with iPhone Designer Jonathan Ive

If Steve Jobs is the patron behind the concept of the iPhone, then Jonathan Ive is certainly the artist whose hand crafted its ultimate realization.

Apple's reclusive Vice President of Design recently spoke with the Independant's Claire Beale on the nature of design, winning an unprecedented six (6!) Black Pencil awards, and what drives Apple's success:

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iPhone Wins D&AD "Black Pencil" Design Award

The D&AD Black Pencil, an award so prestigious they would rather not give it away at all than give it to just any flashy objet-de-ans, is now joining what must be a mantle-straining load down at Apple Design VP Jonathan Ive's house.

Steve Jobs, Ive, and their iPhone, which has already been cleaning up on the award circuit, secured the creative industry's top prize, with a second award being given to the latest aluminum iMac as well.

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Mr. Ive Goes To Hollywood: iPhone Designer Designs for Wall-E

Pop quiz, hotshot: You're the acclaimed director of Finding Nemo and a Bug's Life. Your latest project, Wall-E, requires a state-of-the-art-of-design robot straight from the 26th century. What do you do?

If you answered, call your boss Steven P. Jobs, who also happens to run a little, perennially design-award winning, consumer electronics company called Apple, and see if he can hook you up with uber-designer Jonathan Ive, than you, like Andrew Stanton, are correct.

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