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Best iPhone app equivalents to Microsoft Office

If your work is document-heavy, then you’ll need a top-notch word processor and maybe even a spreadsheet maker and a place to store it all. If you’re used to the Microsoft Office suite of apps, then check these out for your iPhone.

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Best Microsoft Office alternatives for Mac

What's the best alternative to Microsoft Office on the Mac? If you've recently ditched the PC, here's how to ditch Office as well!

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Microsoft adds 3D Touch and Apple Pencil support to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Microsoft has updated its Office apps for iPhone and iPad, adding support for 3D Touch and the Apple Pencil to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. OneNote also received an update with improved search and better iPad multitasking support.

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Microsoft Office 2016 offers welcome changes for Windows switchers

Microsoft's Office for Mac enhancements offer welcome changes for long-time Windows users.

If you're a long-time Windows PC user considering a switch to Mac and you're heavily invested in Microsoft Office, you may be concerned about whether all the features and functions you're used to will still be there. Before now I'd say that you had to make a lot of adjustments. The change from Windows to Mac is easier than ever thanks to the new and improved Office for Mac 2016. I have important news for people worried about how they'll get this new version of Office once it's out, too. Read on for details!

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Microsoft updates Office for iPhone and iPad with iCloud Drive sync

Microsoft has today released an update for Excel, PowerPoint and Word on iPhone and iPad. Version 1.6 introduces iCloud Drive synchronisation support, as well as implementing some minor bug fixes.

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Microsoft brings Sway app for iPhone to more English speaking countries

Late last year, Microsoft unveiled the newest addition to its Office family, a new presentation app simply called Sway. While it was only initially available as an iPhone app in New Zealand, Microsoft has announced today that the app is now rolling out to the App Store in more English speaking countries around the world, including the U.S., Canada, and India.

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InTune update brings enterprise management to Office on iOS

Microsoft has announced that it will be rolling out an update to its InTune service this week that allows businesses to manage deployment of Office on iOS devices, including access to corporate data stored on the Office 365 cloud. The updates will roll out between December 9 and December 12 and focus on content lock down and management.

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Dropbox's integration with Office is complete, you can now edit docs on the fly

The Dropbox team have announced a handy new feature inside their official apps for the iPhone and iPad. With Microsoft Office documents open for viewing, it's now possible to hit the edit button to launch the installed Office suite for a more feature-rich editing experience. Once all changes have been saved everything is automatically saved to the cloud, thanks to both parties working on support bridges between the two services.

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iWork vs Microsoft Office vs Google Docs: Which iPad and iPhone office suite is best?

iPhone and iPad owners have an amazing problem — iOS is the only platform with all major office suites. The good news is: we get to choose between Apple iWork (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote), Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), and Google Docs (Docs, Sheets, and Slides). The bad news is: we have to choose between Apple iWork, Microsoft Office, and Google Docs. And it can be a tough choice! iWork is great for consumers. Microsoft Office is the enterprise standard. Google Docs is increasingly everywhere. So, which one is best? We put them to the test so you can find out!

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Office 365 subscribers on iPad can now claim a refund as mobile editing goes free

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it would be making certain Office features available for free on iOS, including the ability to create and edit documents. Previously, users had to buy an Office 365 subscription to access the functionality. If you bought an Office 365 Personal or Home subscription just to be able to edit documents on your iPad, you are now eligible to receive a refund from Microsoft.

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