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Apple launches new 'World Gallery' promoting iPhone 6 photography

Apple has launched a new page promoting amazing photos taken with the iPhone 6.

Called the "World Gallery", the page spotlights the photography of iPhone 6 owners all over the world. Each photo comes with a caption talking about how each photo was created.

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Here's how to take fantastic macro shots on your iPhone

Macro photography allows you to see the world from a different perspective.

Whether you're shooting giant cereal pieces a la "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" or the petals of a flower, you can create fantastic scenes from otherwise ordinary objects. iPhone macro photography is especially exciting: Because your phone is so small, you can get close to objects you might otherwise have a harder time shooting with a DSLR. Here are some of my favorite tips for shooting macro photography on the iPhone 6!

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Best photo extension apps for iPhone

Photo extensions mean you no longer have to jump from image editing app to image editing apps, opening and saving as you go, hoping you never make a mistake because there's just no going back. Instead, you simply open Apple's built in Photos app, tap the photo extensions button, and all the filters and effects you've installed from the App Store instantly become available to you right where you are.

All you have to do is enabled them first. Oh, and find them. That's where this list comes in. If you're looking for the best iPhone apps for photo editing, here they are!

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How to take great winter photographs with your iPhone

If you haven't heard, there's currently a rather absurd amount of snow burying my city. I feel pretty lucky in that I don't have to regularly commute much farther from my bed to my desk, but that amount of snow can still drive someone a bit stir-crazy — even if they're used to working from home.

So, rather than give in to the depths of snowy despair, I decided to do something positive with the ridiculous mounds of white fluff outside my door: take some pictures.

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The MeFoto RoadTrip tripod takes your iPhone photography to the next level

MeFOTO makes an entire array of colorful tripods equipped to tackle any terrain you may need to travel. The MeFOTO RoadTrip tripod is a nice compromise in weight and size and also converts into a monopod — or selfie stick for those who are into that kind of thing. By itself, it's capable of holding mid-size to smaller full frame DSLR cameras. Add the SideKick360 attachment, and you've got yourself a tripod setup that works great with your iPhone, too!

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Five tips for beating bad lighting in your iPhone photos

The sun may give us light and life and all good things, but it's around precious few hours when you want to spend time taking good photographs. Indoor and artificial lighting can aid you from shooting in the dark, but, well... not all indoor lighting is created equally. Traditional tungsten bulbs can cause horrible yellow tints; fluorescents can make your photo too blue; and LEDs can make everything look washed out and pale. If you've ever found yourself in a tricky lighting spot as a photographer and want a few aces up your sleeve for dealing with it, read on.

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How to upload a non-square photo to Instagram

Ever take a really awesome photo on your iPhone only to find out it doesn't translate well to Instagram as a square photo? Yeah, we've all been there. While you could always settle for a cropped version, you don't have to. With the help of another App Store app you can post your photos to Instagram in their original aspect ratio.

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How to upload and edit DSLR photos on your iPad with the Camera Connection Kit

Working for iMore has gotten me to once again appreciate my good old Canon DSLR. For the last few years, my poor camera often ended up hidden in a corner, making an appearance only when my iPhone wouldn't do or for special vacations. With smartphone cameras so good these days, it's been hard to justify carrying around the extra weight for a non-internet-enabled device.

But DSLRs — especially DSLRs with nice lenses — can take wonderful pictures if you're willing to work with them. For me, this meant figuring out a faster workflow than "taking a bunch of pictures, waiting until I got home to my computer to upload them, then slowly sorting through them via an app like Lightroom."

That solution? The iPad.

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Lowepro Passport Sling III review: A great travel gear bag at a great price

When I first saw the Lowepro Passport Sling III, I though it was odd looking. I definitely didn't think it'd be a bag I'd end up owning. Yet I kept coming back to it on Amazon. I kept looking at it. And then I hit "buy now"...

A month and four countries later, and I'm glad I did.

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DIY: How to make an awesome wall collage using your Instagram photos!

DIY, short for "do it yourself", is a weekly column where I roll up my sleeves and go over everything and anything from field-stripped and fixing your out-of-warranty iPhone or iPad to fun projects you can do with apps, family, and friends.

Post lots of photos on Instagram? Ever think how cool it would be to turn all of your different photos into an awesome in-real-life collage to hang in your home? I recently decided I wanted to do just that with some of our vacation photos. After a quick web search, however, I realized the selection of free templates to choose from is rather dismal. That's when I decided to make my own customizable template. Follow along for cool, free downloadable templates and complete step by step instructions to get your Instagram collage up on your wall in no time!

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