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The best streaming video box for most people is a Roku

Yeah, Apple TV is great. Really great. But beyond that, the best all-around streaming video box for most people absolutely is the Roku.

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Roku app for iPhone getting an overhaul alongside a new set-top box

Roku has unveiled its latest set-top box that brings 4K capabilities alongside an overhauled iPhone companion app.

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Apple TV v Chromecast v Roku v Fire TV: Which would you choose?

Apple TV v Chromecast v Roku v Fire TV. Which would you choose?

We're lucky to be blessed with so many good options when it comes to streaming online media. The space recently got a little more crowded with Amazon introducing its first effort, the Fire TV. And, while we're naturally fans of the Apple TV in these parts, the fact we're spoiled for choice is nothing but good. More choice also means that we're more likely to find one that meets our own specific needs. So which would you choose? And why?

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Apple TV vs. Fire TV: Can Amazon's new contender knock the champ out of the ring?

The set top box market is heating up. In the U.S. it's been a two-horse race between the Apple TV and Roku's boxes. Things began to change after Google introduced its Chromecast device last year. Apple TV remains the champion, but now there's a new contender: Amazon's new Fire TV. Does this spell the end of Apple's dominance in the set top box arena?

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Absent of an actual Apple television, Roku introduces Roku TV

Apple TV's biggest competitor is Roku, a small set top box that similarly streams content from various providers. The company is taking its concept to the next level with Roku TV, television sets that actually integrate Roku technology inside. TV makers TCL and Hisense are the first two manufacturers with models to show at this week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

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Roku updates streaming video box line

Roku, Apple's biggest (but still distant) competitor in the digital set top box market, announced a new lineup of set top boxes, ranging from a redesigned LT to the new 1 and 2, with the previously released 3 rounding out the line. Prices range from $49.99 to $99.99.

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The trouble with streaming services: too many people with their hands out

If you don't want to use cable TV or satellite, you still have myriad choices for getting your fix of video content thanks to a plethora of download and streaming services. But the landscape of streaming entertainment is badly fractured because of copyright issues, turf wars and fear, uncertainty and doubt from the companies that control the content. Will it ever change?

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Roku for iPhone now available

Roku users rejoice! An app to control your Roku streaming player has been released. With it, you can launch or rate any channel, browse the Roku Channel Store, and control multiple Roku players.

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Updated: Roku [and TiVo] getting Hulu Plus, can Apple TV have it too?

Looks like Hulu Plus will be coming to Apple TV competitor Roku. There's already a Hulu Plus app for Apple's iPad, and while my deepest, darkest wish is that it will support AirPlay to beam content straight to Apple TV, past history (and its use of non-standard video controls) make me think it won't. And hey, even if by some miracle it does, just like Apple TV has built-in Netflix support, built-in support for Hulu Plus would be huge (no need to waste iPad resources and Wi-Fi bandwidth).

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