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Best reminder and task apps for iPhone

Staying on task isn't always easy, especially when you have a hectic schedule to juggle. While in-depth project management apps work for some people, lots of folks just want a simple reminder and task app that helps them get things done on time. From shopping lists to remembering homework assignments and meetings, reminder and task apps can keep you on schedule so you never miss a deadline again. However, depending on your needs, one reminder app may be better than another. These are the best iPhone apps to choose from as far as reminder and task apps are concerned!

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Hours for iPhone review: No more letting billable hours slip through the cracks

Hours by Tapity is a new productivity app that aims to take the pain out of recording and tracking your time. Not only does Hours work great for tracking billable time, it can also help you analyze and learn how to better stay on top of things that need your attention. Hours does this by allowing you to quickly and easily start and stop timers that are tied with specific projects and tasks.

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Best task and reminder apps for Mac: GoodTask, Clear, Due, and more!

From shopping lists to packing lists, these are the very best reminder and general task apps for Mac!

Looking for the best Mac app to help you handle your checklists and reminders? Most of us have lots of things to remember each day and making sense of all of it can sometimes be overwhelming. Luckily there are lots of Mac apps available to help you remember what needs your attention and when. If hardcore todo apps for Mac are a little out of your scope or price range, there are lots of simpler options available that are better suited for everyday tasks. However, as with most apps, all of them are not created equal. So what general task and reminder apps for Mac are the absolute best available?

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Omnifocus 2 for Mac review

Omnifocus, one of the more complex and serious get things done services available for both iOS and Mac, has just been updated to version 2.0 on the Mac. With it comes a fresh new design, Forecast view, a handy quick open feature, and lots more. Back when I reviewed Omnifocus 2 for iPhone, I found it to be a huge step in the right direction as far as usability was concerned. So is the new Mac version of Omnifocus a step in the right direction as well?

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Up Next helps you logically decide in what order you should complete tasks

Up Next is a new type of task app that not only lets you enter todo items, but helps you decide when it's best to complete them. By using your location and the current time of day, Up Next looks at context to help you save time and complete your day in a more efficient manner.

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Gneo for iOS helps you focus your time and effort on the right tasks at the right time

Gneo is a new productivity app for both iPhone and iPad that aims to help you stay on top of tasks by prioritizing them accordingly. Anyone can simply make a todo list, but prioritizing that list is where most of us get stuck. This is where Gneo can help you be sure you're spending your time on the right things.

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Todoist for iPhone and iPad updated with an all new look and feel for iOS 7

Task app Todoist has just updated both their iPhone and iPad clients with an all new interface and design to better fit in with the look and feel of iOS 7. The update also brings background syncing support so your todo list can stay in sync even when you're not using it.

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Todo 7 for iOS review: A brand new look and a great new experience

Todo by Appigo is one of the most popular task apps available for not only iOS, but for Mac as well. And for good reason, Todo is a productivity powerhouse. The OS X version of Todo made our list of best todo apps for Mac. I've been patiently waiting for Todo 7 to arrive for both iPhone and iPad. That day has finally come and it's brought a completely redesigned interface, a menu system that just flows better, and so much more.

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Begin for iPhone simplifies tasks, do it today or put it off until tomorrow

Begin for iPhone is a brand new iPhone task management app that is very reminiscent of Clear. The interface is a little bit more sophisticated but gives you the same gesture driven controls we've all come to know and love.

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Omnifocus 2 for iPhone review: Completely redesigned for iOS 7, easier to use than ever

Omnifocus 2 for iPhone by the Omni Group is a completely re-designed and re-imagined version of their popular task management suite. Not only has it been thought out and redone with iOS 7 in mind, but with how we handle tasks and interact with them also being at the center of their efforts. I've always loved Omnifocus products and the feature sets they bring to users when it comes to getting things done. The down side was that it could be overwhelming for new users, especially when it came to interface. Omnifocus 2 for iPhone is changing that and starting to break that barrier.

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