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Daily tip: How to crop a photo in iOS 5

Wondering how to use iOS 5's new built-in editing ability to crop your images right in the Photos app? It's easy to do, and includes handy features like aspect ration constraints and even a grid to help you with the "rule of thirds." Here's how.

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Daily Tip: How to alter the Auto-Lock time or turn it off altogether

Annoyed by the iPhone Auto-Lock feature on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and wondering how to alter it or turn it off completely?? I know I am! I put the iPhone down for a minute, the screen goes off and I have to slide to unlock to get back to where I was again, it’s all a little bit annoying. The good news is that Apple has provided us with a way to customise the time it takes for this feature to activate or if you really hate it, turn it off altogether.  

Here's how to configure Auto-Lock

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Daily tip: How to enable iOS4 features on a iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G with WhiteD00r [Jailbreak]

Still have a working original iPhone 2G or iPhone 3G (or an iPod touch 1 or 2) and wondering how to get iOS4 features like Multitasking, Folders or Tethering? If you're willing to Jailbreak with WhiteD00r, you can enable most of these new features with a simple install. We'll show you how after the break!

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Daily Tip: How to get custom Notification Center widgets in iOS 5 [Jailbreak]

Jailbroken iOS 5 and curious how to get custom Notification Center widgets up and running? Right now, Apple has only included weather and stocks widgets and hasn't shown any signs of extending an API to 3rd party developers for building their own. However, as soon as iOS 5 was jailbroken a few developers started tinkering around and found it was rather easy to build their own custom widgets, and we're already starting to see some interesting things come out of developers. We'll show you how to add them to your custom Notification Center... after the jump!

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Daily Tip: How to take better HDR photos with your iPhone 4

Curious about how to take better HDR (high dynamic range) photos with your iPhone 4? Maybe you've tried it out but the end result wasn't as good as you were expecting? Apple makes it pretty easy to take HDR photos, but for some pointers on how to take the best HDR photos possible just follow along after the break!

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Daily Tip: How to authorize and deauthorize iTunes computers linked to one account

Do you want to know how to authorize and deauthorize iTunes linked accounts? If you purchase your media content through iTunes and want to play it back on different computers in your home, you are restricted to a maximum of five Windows or Mac PCs linked to a single iTunes account. If you sell, re-install, upgrade or replace  a computer, you can soon run into the problem of not being able to authorize a new one, due to reaching your maximum of five. In this daily tip, we show you how to authorize a new computer, deauthorize an existing computer and also how to completely reset your five authorized computers. Read on to find out how!

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Daily Tip: How to trouble shoot iPhone and iPad accessories

Having problems with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad accessories and wondering how to troubleshoot them? Here are a few basic tips which will help you identify the issue. Stick with us after the break.

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How to untether the Verizon iPhone Jailbreak on iOS 4.2.7 via Sn0wbreeze 2.6.1

Jailbroken Verizon iPhone users on iOS 4.2.7 have been stuck on a tethered jailbreak until recently. Sn0wbreeze 2.6.1 will allow you to go from tethered to untethered quickly and easily. So if you used redsn0w to jailbreak your Verizon iPhone and you're currently tethered, hit the jump for a quick walkthrough on how to free your Verizon iPhone from its tethered state!

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Daily Tip: How to get around a buggy iPhone Home Button using Activator [Jailbreak]

Have a broken or buggy iPhone Home Button and curious how to work around it? When Apple released iOS 4.1 several of our readers reported a bug with their iPhone Home Button, and for some of us, performing a restore or waiting for Apple to fix it in a software update hasn't paid off.

If you aren't near an Apple Store to swap out your iPhone, or you're out of warranty, here's something you can do to help circumvent the problem using Activator gestures to simulate a Home Button click -- hit the jump to find out how it's done!

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Daily Tip: How to make your iPhone camera launch instantly [Jailbreak]

Wondering how to make your iPhone camera launch faster? Often find that you've missed the perfect shot because the camera app took too long to open? It turns out there's a way to instantly call up the iPhone camera without any load time at all using a lightweight jailbreak tweak called Snappy -- hit the jump to find out how it's done!

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