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TiPb Video: Dropship for iPhone

Looking for a cool retro-arcade action title from what is shaping up to be a leading game developer/publisher on the iPhone? Than look no further than Dropship ($1.99) [iTunes Link] from ngmoco:)


You control a "dropship". You save humans. You pick up cargo and delivery it safely. You do this in a time limit. 

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Video: Waiting in line for the iPhone 3G in Cincinnati, OH

Sure, we're still only a few days out from the launch, but at the speed of the interw00ts, that counts as recent history. Here's a bit of nostalgia for you: Armed with my Flip Mino in hand, I took this video while waiting in line at my local Apple Store. I was able to handle the iPhone 3G before launch, played some of the Caveman racing game and asked folks some general questions about the iPhone. 

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